Electric Car: Understanding The Ecological Bonus In 5 Questions

The ecological bonus provided by the state for the purchase of a low-emission vehicle will change in 2024. Starting December 15, 2023, the environmental score of the electric vehicle will be taken into account, which should exclude some models made in China. Here is everything you need to know about the new ecological bonus in 5 questions.

What changes in 2024?

The "ecological bonus" is a state financial aid created in 2007 to encourage the French to buy new, low-polluting vehicles.

However, be aware! If you plan to change cars and buy an electric vehicle, note that certain models will no longer be eligible for this assistance in 2024. The conditions to benefit from it will be tightened starting next year, with the introduction of a new criterion called the electric vehicle's "environmental score."

Note: in 2024, it will still be possible to combine this bonus with the conversion premium and with possible regional or departmental aids. An additional bonus of €1,000 may also be granted if you live or work in a low-emission mobility zone or ZFE-m.

What are the requirements to qualify for the ecological bonus?

To qualify for the ecological bonus when purchasing a new eco-friendly vehicle, you must meet the following conditions:
- Be at least 18 years old and reside in France.
- Purchase a new vehicle intended to be registered in France and, in the case of leasing, commit to a minimum lease term of 2 years.
- Choose a vehicle with a CO2 emission rate of 0 g/km, meaning a 100% electric or hydrogen vehicle (plug-in hybrid cars are excluded).
- Not resell the vehicle within the year following its purchase or lease, nor before having driven at least 6000 km.
- Acquire a vehicle with a sale price below €47,000, discounts included. Optional equipment is no longer taken into account in this price since a decree of December 4, 2022.
- Choose a vehicle weighing less than 2.4 tons.

In addition to these conditions, starting from 2024, the vehicle must obtain an environmental score of at least 60 points. This score, out of 80, takes into account all emissions produced by the vehicle during its construction and delivery until its sale. This new criterion considers the location of production and assembly of the models, which will penalize vehicles produced outside of Europe.

Good to know
You can benefit from this aid if you purchase a used vehicle that meets the eligibility criteria. To be eligible, a used vehicle must have been put into circulation 2 years ago or more.

What is the amount of this aid?

The criteria for awarding the ecological bonus will change in 2024, but the amount of aid granted will remain the same.

As a reminder, the amount of the aid is:
• €5,000 for individuals purchasing a new vehicle.
• €1,000 for individuals purchasing a used vehicle.
• €3,000 for companies investing in a new vehicle.
• up to €7,000 in aid for the poorest households with fiscal incomes not exceeding €14,089.

As before, the amount of the ecological bonus remains capped at 27% of the vehicle's acquisition cost.

Which vehicles are penalized by this change?

This evolution of the ecological bonus clearly aims to favor European models over electric vehicles built in China. Until now, vehicles made in China accounted for a third of the bonuses paid by the French state.

With the tightening of the rules, it's the most accessible models like the Dacia Spring, the Mini Cooper SE, and the MG4 that are under scrutiny because all these cars are manufactured in China and their production is considered too polluting.

The American brand Tesla could also be penalized by these new stricter rules as some versions of the Model 3 and Y are made in China. However, the American manufacturer has planned to move its production lines to Berlin.

Can we still benefit from the old ecological bonus scale?

In theory, the new rules to qualify for the ecological bonus have been in effect since October 10, 2023. However, in practice, a transition period is planned until the end of the year.

The environmental score of 60 points or higher does not yet apply to a new electric car ordered by an individual before December 15, 2023, if its billing occurs by March 15, 2024 at the latest.

If you are looking to purchase a Chinese-made electric car, you should order it promptly, before December 15, 2023, inclusive.

On this date, the government will reveal, on the ADEME website, a first list of models eligible for this state aid. Models not included on the list will no longer be able to benefit from the ecological bonus.

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