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The Visale guarantee: a deposit for tenants

ate sector employee in professional mobility (in trial period, in promise of employment or on transfer) - You are the subject of a signed mobility lease, i.e. a rental contract of 1 to 10 months signed between the owner of a furnished accommodation and certain tenants (such as students or emp ...


Automobile: 5 advantages of car leasing

to weigh up the pros and cons of leasing a car often wonder whether it is more expensive than buying on credit. In fact, the rental payments for a lease with purchase option (LOA) are generally lower than the monthly payments for a traditional consumer credit. Don't hesitate to negotiate the c ...


Paris 2024 Olympics: how to rent your accommodation on Airbnb?

to the subtenant must not exceed the rent owed to the landlord. In principle, subletting is prohibited unless a clause allows the tenant to sublet in the lease agreement. If this clause does not appear in your lease but you still decide to sublet your accommodation, you risk eviction. The same app ...


Electric Car: Understanding the Ecological Bonus in 5 Questions

least 18 years old and reside in France. - Purchase a new vehicle intended to be registered in France and, in the case of leasing, commit to a minimum lease term of 2 years. - Choose a vehicle with a CO2 emission rate of 0 g/km, meaning a 100% electric or hydrogen vehicle (plug-in hybrid cars are e ...


Buying a hotel to convert: 10 questions to help you understand

and fund" and be in complete ownership. If you buy only the business, a fundamental point to check with your advisor is the nature and content of the lease. How much money is needed to buy a hotel? The price of a hotel depends on the location, the number of rooms, the general condition but above ...


The Belle-de-Mai : a cultural and arty place in Marseille

A place full of history When Colbert decreed a monopoly on the production and sale of Tobacco in the 17th century, several royal factories opened in France, including one in Marseille. The sunny climate of the Phocaean city is favorable to the curing of Tobacco leaves and, in 1868, a giant facto ...


Garden : how to divide a perennial plant ?

ore, it is time to divide it! Dividing a perennial is a simple and risk-free method, which has only advantages: - it allows you to give a new lease on life to perennials that are dying out - it allows you to obtain new plants for free, which are clones of the mother plant - it allo ...


Canfranc Estación: a luxury hotel in a former train station in Spain.

! The elegant Canfranc station is now experiencing a second life by housing a 5-star hotel within its walls. The Barceló Group has obtained a 69-year lease to transform the building into a luxurious palace, and the interior of the station has undergone an impressive transformation. Upstairs, the f ...