The Visale Guarantee: A Deposit For Tenants

Good news for all those who want to rent accommodation and need a guarantor: the Visale guarantee, which was originally designed to facilitate access to housing for 18-30 year olds, has just been extended to all employees who earn less than €1,500 net per month. We invite you to discover this scheme in 5 questions.

1- What does this guarantee consist of?

The Visale guarantee (for visa for housing and employment) is a free rental guarantee that aims to facilitate access to housing in the private sector.

This scheme is provided free of charge by the Action Logement group.

It guarantees the owner the payment of rent and rental charges in the event of unpaid rent.

It is a device that is intended to be easy to access for tenants and reassuring for owners.

2- Who can benefit?

Previously, this scheme was reserved for young people aged 18 to 30, regardless of their situation, and for those over 30 who had just been hired or were in the process of professional mobility.

Since June 4, 2021, the Visale guarantee has been extended to workers earning less than €1,500 net per month, with no age limit or conditions related to the nature of the employment contract (permanent, fixed-term or temporary).

This guarantee is therefore now accessible to 6 million French people.

In summary, you are eligible for this device if:
- You are 30 years old or younger, regardless of your professional situation (including students and work-study students)

- You are over 31 years old, employed in the private sector and can prove a net monthly salary of less than or equal to €1,500

- You are over 31 years old and are a private sector employee in professional mobility (in trial period, in promise of employment or on transfer)

- You are the subject of a signed mobility lease, i.e. a rental contract of 1 to 10 months signed between the owner of a furnished accommodation and certain tenants (such as students or employees on temporary assignment or professional training).

3- How to benefit from it?

To benefit from the Visale guarantee, all you have to do is apply for a rental deposit online before signing the lease.

To do this, you must go to the website (link below) and create an account. You will then just have to follow the instructions given on the site.

For students, only a few supporting documents are required, in addition to the identity card and the student card. For employees, you must provide the employment contract and the last pay slip.

4- How does this device work?

After analyzing your file, the Action Logement group gives you a visa stating that it undertakes to act as guarantor for you.

This visa sets a maximum rent for your future accommodation, a rent equivalent to half the resources you have declared on the site.

To note: in tense areas, the Visale guarantee covers up to 1300 € of rent and even 1500 € in the Ile-de-France region.

Once your application for a guarantee has been validated by Action Logement, you simply give the visa certified by Action Logement Services to your landlord.

Your landlord must also sign the visale bond contract. He too must go to the website and create an account, providing certain information about the accommodation and the lease.

The guarantee contract is created automatically and is signed in a few clicks.

It is only in the event of unpaid rent or damage that the owner will have to provide proof.

Unpaid rent and rental charges are guaranteed for up to 36 unpaid rent in private rental accommodation or 9 unpaid rent in social rental accommodation (or similar accommodation rented to a student).

Damage to property is covered up to a limit of two months' rent and service charges on the lease for private rental accommodation.

Please note that the tenant will be responsible for reimbursing the sums advanced by Action Logement.

5- What are the advantages of this device?

As the majority of landlords require a guarantor or surety from tenants, the main advantage of the Visale guarantee is to facilitate access to housing for low-income tenants.

If you are looking for accommodation, this guarantee strengthens your record as a candidate for renting and covers your rent in case of difficulties in paying for the duration of the lease.

If you are a landlord, it secures your rental income for the duration of the lease and insures you against damage to your property.

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