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Understanding the population alert system in 5 questions

1- What is it for? The System for Alerting and Informing Populations (SAIP) is intended to warn citizens of imminent danger. Originally designed to deal with the air threat, this network is still managed in part by the Air Force. Today, it is also used to warn the population in case of a civi ...


The mobile phone: history and evolution

Invention of the mobile phone The mobile phone is not, strictly speaking, an invention but an object born from the combination of several technologies (some of which were known since the late 1940s). The origins of this innovation can be traced back to radio technology that was developed from th ...


Three misconceptions about tobacco

1- No, lung cancer does not only affect seniors Contrary to popular belief, smoking is never without health risks. To get this message across, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's new awareness campaign first reminds us that lung cancer is not just for seniors. It also affects smokers ...


The Victoria Palazzo in Nice: a luxury senior residence

An innovative concept The Victoria Palazzo residences that have just opened in Nice and Marseille are a new concept of serviced residences developed by the Réside Études Group for independent seniors. With its experience in this field, with more than thirty Les Girandières residences, the Ré ...


Sore throat: untangling the real from the fake

It can hurt to talk too much Right. The sore throat can be related to inflammation of the larynx and vocal cords that occurs after you strain your voice. If you've been talking a lot or have been forced to shout to make yourself heard in a noisy environment, you may be suffering from laryngitis. ...


How to apply for a building permit online?

1- For what type of work? Since January 1, 2022, it is possible to submit a building permit application and more broadly a planning permission application online for the completion of various works. You can take advantage of this new online service for all your projects of building or extending ...


The House of Alexandra David-Neel: a visit with a difference in Digne

An air of Tibet in Digne-les-Bains It was in 1928 that the great traveler and orientalist Alexandra David-Neel settled in Digne-les-Bains in the Alpes de Haute-Provence. From her numerous trips to the Orient, she brought back stories and objects that can be discovered in her house, now transform ...