How To Apply For A Building Permit Online?

Since January 1, 2022, you can apply for a building permit online for all your work projects, such as building a veranda, a pool or a garage. We explain how this new online service works in 4 questions.

1- For what type of work?

Since January 1, 2022, it is possible to submit a building permit application and more broadly a planning permission application online for the completion of various works.

You can take advantage of this new online service for all your projects of building or extending your house, gutting, fencing, building a garden shed, adding windows or solar panels for example.

This service will be useful if you want to build a veranda or a garage, a garden shed or a swimming Pool or if you want to raise your house.

2- How does it work?

Filing a building permit application or a planning permission application online is much easier than you think!

In fact, there is a service to assist with planning permission applications or ADAU (see link below).

This service guides you through the constitution of your application file by simply following the 6 steps below:

1) Begin by indicating the location of your work. You can precisely designate the parcel concerned on an interactive map made by the IGN.
2) Describe your project by answering a series of questions.
3) The online service selects the information you need to fill in.
4) The service also indicates the supporting documents that you must attach to your file, with the characteristics expected for each of these documents.
5) You can view the automatically pre-filled online form, then download it
6) Finally, if your municipality is connected to this online service, you can upload your application.

Note: if your municipality is not connected to this service, you must inquire at your one-stop shop or your city hall to find out how to file online at your disposal. You also have the option of submitting your file in paper form if you wish.

3- What to do in case of difficulty?

If you encounter any difficulties using this online service, you can enter your phone number and be called back by a dedicated informant.

This telephone assistance works only from metropolitan France, in French language and during the opening hours of the Allô Service Public service.

4- What are the benefits for users?

This new online service is part of the policy to simplify and modernize public services.

Filing a building permit application online allows users to do so at any time and from anywhere, at no additional cost.

The information filled in online is automatically recorded as the process is completed on the user's Service-Public account. In practice, this means that you can interrupt your online application at any time and resume this process later.

Thanks to this online process, users save money on photocopies of requested documents and postage for registered mail.

The online application is also more environmentally friendly as it does away with the mountains of paper that used to be associated with this process (every year, 1.5 million planning applications are processed, the vast majority by local authorities).

Another advantage for users is the possibility of consulting in full transparency the progress of their file at each stage of its instruction.

Finally, by launching this new dematerialized approach, the government also hopes to reduce the length of time it takes to process urban planning authorizations and the errors that are common in these applications.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Heinrich Böll Stiftung
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