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In Paris, the Cluny Museum will soon reopen its doors

tially conceived as a museum of national antiquities, it gradually specialized in the Middle Ages. It was in 1992 that it officially received the name national museum of the Middle Ages. Its collections currently number 24,000 works and bear witness to the extraordinary diversity of artistic expr ...


The Grande Marée Festival: a storytelling festival in Brest

in partnership with other local structures and associations: the opportunity to discover the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Brest! The National Museum of the Navy welcomes storytellers. Among the storytellers present this year: Amandine Orban de Xivry, Alice Zeniter, Rémi Ans ...


Evolution in the process of being illuminated: the festival of lights at the Jardin des Plantes

r the extinct world of dinosaurs. The theme of this magical stroll changes every year, but of course keeps a link with the themes addressed at the National Museum of Natural History. View this post on Instagram A post shared by MNHN (@le_museum) Spotlight on the Evolut ...


Tourism: 5 good reasons to visit Malaysia

esence of the Portuguese, Dutch and British. If you want to learn more about the country's complex and eventful history, we recommend visiting the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. We also recommend a visit to the city of Malacca, which is the country's oldest port and was once a strategic cent ...


Tourism Jordan: 5 things to do in Amman

estinian, Syrian and Lebanese artists. Modern and contemporary art enthusiasts can moreover complete their artistic journey with a visit to the Amman National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or MJNACC. 4- Go to the souk and eat there The Amman Souk is one of the oldest and largest markets ...


The MuMo: the museum truck that democratizes contemporary art.

, Essonne, and Val-d'Oise in the spring of 2023. This exhibition was imagined by Christian Briend, curator of the modern collections department at the National Museum of Modern Art. It brings together graphic works, photos, paintings, and collages representing music. Fifteen of these works inspired ...