The Grande Marée Festival: A Storytelling Festival In Brest

Every autumn, tales are honored in Brest and its surroundings during the Grande Marée Festival. Wonderful, classic or contemporary, the tales invite you to dream and escape. They are intended for all audiences, from 5 years old.

Tides and tales

In Brest and its surroundings, the ADAO (Association for the Development of the Arts of Orality) organizes two annual events around storytelling: the Festival Grande Marée and the Festival Petite Marée (its equivalent for very young audiences since 2006).

These two events offer storytelling shows of all kinds and for all audiences. They are intended to help people discover this art in full revival.

The 'Grande Marée' festival, organized since 1999, takes place every year in November and is aimed at teenagers, adults, families and children from 5 years old.
'Petite Marée' takes place at the end of March and is aimed at toddlers from 6 months to 4 years.

Edition 2022

This 2022 edition of the Grande Marée Festival takes place in Brest from November 17 to December 2, 2022.

Each year, a theme serves as a red thread for the festival and animations are proposed in partnership with other local structures and associations: the opportunity to discover the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Brest!

The National Museum of the Navy welcomes storytellers.

Among the storytellers present this year: Amandine Orban de Xivry, Alice Zeniter, Rémi Ansel-Salas, Swan Blachère, Marc Buléon, Cécile Delhommeau Pouliguen, Pierre Desvigne, Julien Behar, Frédéric Naud, Jeanne Videau, Jeanne Ferron, and many others

As every year, initiation workshops will be led by professional storytellers invited to the festival.

Practical information

This edition of the Grande Marée Festival is held in various locations in Brest from November 17 to December 2, 2022.

Association ADAO
1 rue Jean Marc
29200 BREST

Tel : 02 98 33 27 39 / Mail : [email protected]

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