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Taurus : 21 APRIL TO 20 MAY
2023/04/02 here are today's astrological predictions for your sign

Horoscope Taurus Love

After a tumultuous period, you will be happy to find a calmer atmosphere in your romantic relationship. Although Saturn is still in a difficult aspect, it will be less unpredictable than before. Take advantage of this time to reconnect with your partner and consider new projects together. If you are single, there is no planet influencing your love life, but a promising star may help you meet an interesting person or rekindle an old flame.

Horoscope Taurus Money

Due to the negative influence of Mars, you may feel a strong urge to spend your money. To avoid disastrous consequences, it is recommended to take preventive measures such as not carrying cash with you, locking up your checkbooks and credit cards, or trying to buy useful things even if it doesn't excite you.

Horoscope Taurus Health

There is no major concern regarding your health, however, it is important that you take care of your strengths by avoiding any excessive work that could lead to overwork. If you are stressed, it could affect your performance and you may feel like you are losing energy. It is therefore important to find ways to relax.

Horoscope Taurus Work

Your professional life will experience a clear improvement and your ambitions will be encouraged. If you are considering changing direction, the signs are positive. Whatever your current situation, the horoscope suggests that you regain confidence in yourself and move forward with assurance.

Horoscope Taurus Family / Home

You will do everything possible to prevent family conflicts and focus on resolving sensitive issues related to your children or family matters.

Horoscope Taurus Social Life, Leisure

Beware of jealousy as much as the AIDS virus. This feeling will constantly make you compare yourself to others, but always to your disadvantage, which will not only be painful, but also sterile and dangerous. It will prevent you from seeing things in their own perspective and limit your progress. Do not confuse jealousy with emulation, which allows you to recognize your merits while encouraging you to progress. As La Bruyère said, there is as much distance between jealousy and emulation as between vice and virtue.