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Sagittarius : NOVEMBER 23 TO DECEMBER 21
2023/04/02 here are today's astrological predictions for your sign

Horoscope Sagittarius Love

It is possible that you may feel excessive jealousy, which could lead to problems in your relationships, even though they could bring you a lot of satisfaction. It is important to be attentive to your partner's or spouse's desires, as this can lead to joyful and enjoyable moments spent together. If you are single, you may be disappointed in love due to past bad experiences or difficulties observed in friends' relationships. However, it is important not to become disillusioned or cynical.

Horoscope Sagittarius Money

It is crucial to be rigorous with finances as a small mistake can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is important to avoid debt and live within one's means. Excessive spending must be completely avoided. Although not very exciting, this is the only way to prevent future significant financial problems.

Horoscope Sagittarius Health

It is important to make a decision quickly and start exercising. You can start today by practicing gymnastics, swimming or even taking long walks outdoors. Not exercising could have negative consequences on your health.

Horoscope Sagittarius Work

It is advisable to wait for two days before starting an important work or decisive steps, so that the stars are favorable. However, one should act quickly once the stars are favorable, as luck can quickly turn. It is therefore recommended to prepare now.

Horoscope Sagittarius Family / Home

The family sector will be influenced by Saturn and Mars, but these influences will be contrasting. Saturn will bring a serious atmosphere and emphasize your responsibilities, while Mars will have an invigorating effect and create a sense of camaraderie. By harmoniously combining these two tendencies, you can make the most of these influences and have successful relationships with your loved ones.

Horoscope Sagittarius Social Life, Leisure

You may notice that some people don't like you and try to harm you. However, it's important not to worry too much about it. Life is too short to focus on your enemies. It's better to act as if they don't exist.