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Leo : JULY 23 TO AUGUST 23
2023/12/02 here are today's astrological predictions for your sign

Horoscope Leo Love

Mercury will have a strong influence on marital life and for some, it may also influence those who aspire to more freedom and independence in their romantic relationships. Couples could consider having children as love for children will be strengthened. Singles could experience adventures that seemed superficial at first, but could lead to a happy marriage.

Horoscope Leo Money

The departure of Saturn from your sky will allow you to regain confidence in your material life. The difficult period is now over and you should regain a more comfortable standard of living. If you had to borrow, you will be able to repay your debts.

Horoscope Leo Health

Under the influence of Uranus, you will show great endurance and physical strength. However, if you wish to lose a few pounds, Saturn will help you to adopt a strict discipline to reach your goal.

Horoscope Leo Work

Due to annoying astral influences, your patience will be put to the test today, so it would be best to avoid long-term projects. It is advised to focus on projects that allow for quick profits. Nevertheless, it is important to cultivate optimism and patience, two essential qualities for professional success.

Horoscope Leo Family / Home

In the family, you will have many tasks and responsibilities to take on. It is important to approach these challenges with determination. Fortunately, Jupiter will be favorable and support your efforts, which could even be rewarded.

Horoscope Leo Social Life, Leisure

If you are faced with the provocations of a neighbor, trust Mercury to stay calm. It is better not to respond to hostility with anger. By adopting a dignified attitude, you can overcome your neighbor's deplorable behavior.