Timisoara: 5 Good Reasons To Visit This Romanian City.

Capital of the historical province of Banat, Timisoara is the economic and cultural center of western Romania. This multicultural city crossed by the Bega River is really worth a visit. We have listed 5 good reasons for you to visit this city.

"She is nicknamed the little Romanian Vienna."

Although still unknown to French tourists, the city of Timisoara in Romania is home to the largest collection of ancient buildings in the country. The architecture of the Cetate, Iosefin, Elisabetin, and Fabric neighborhoods, where the influence of Viennese Baroque is clearly perceptible, has earned this city the nickname "Little Romanian Vienna". The historical capital of the Banat province is also known as the "City of Parks" due to the multitude of green spaces that punctuate the urban landscape.

2- She has a rich historical heritage.

The city of Timisoara was built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress and its name first appeared in historical documents from the 12th century. This city, which now has over 10,000 historical monuments, experienced its golden age between 1880 and 1914, during which it was the main industrial, commercial, financial, and cultural center of the region.

It was admired for both its architecture and cultural life as well as its technical and scientific innovations. In 1884, it was the first city in Romania and even continental Europe to have electric lighting in its streets!

It was equipped with a railway as early as 1857 and an electric tramway in 1899. It can also boast of having hosted the country's first cinema screen. The city is home to the Bega Canal, which is the oldest navigable canal in Romania. Today, an ecological corridor has been created along this canal.

3- It is located at the crossroads of many influences.

Due to its geographical location in the heart of continental Europe, Timisoara is within a radius of 600 km from 7 major capitals: Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Zagreb, Skopje, and Bucharest.

Located at the intersection of multiple influences, this Romanian city is undoubtedly multicultural as it is home to no less than 21 different cultures and 18 religions!

As you stroll through its streets, you can perceive the influence of various ethnic communities such as Roma, Germans, Hungarians, and Serbs but also Bulgarians, Italians, and Greeks.

These different communities coexist in perfect harmony, each practicing their religion (Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Lutheran, and Muslim among others), making this city a model of tolerance and openness to the world.

4- It is one of the European Capitals of Culture 2023.

Timisoara has been designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2023, along with the city of Veszprém in Hungary and Eleusis in Greece. In this Romanian city rich in history and multicultural influences, this year's program of events is themed "Shine your light - Light up your city"!

Hundreds of events are planned throughout the year, ranging from dance performances in hidden courtyards to sound installations in synagogues... Rich in numerous cultural institutions, the city will host a series of exhibitions dedicated to great names of Romanian and European art.

Throughout the year, this European Capital of Culture will also transform its squares and parks into stages for outdoor performances. It will be possible to attend concerts in parks located along the Bega River.

5- She invites you to discover Romania off the beaten path.

Welcoming and friendly in all circumstances, the city of Timisoara in Romania will be more than ever the place to be in 2023!

Its title as European Capital of Culture 2023 is the perfect opportunity to discover this still unknown destination for French tourists and to explore a whole part of Romania.

Don't hesitate to venture off the beaten path and visit the nearby towns and villages such as Dumbravita, Lugoj, Jimbolia, and Arad.

To learn more about the program of this great cultural year, visit the official website of Timisoara 2023 (in English, link below).

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