Maui In Hawaii: 5 Things To Know About This Paradise Destination

Small island of the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is regularly ranked among the most beautiful islands in the world. It must be said that it has everything to please! Here are 5 things to know about this heavenly destination.

1- It is named after a Hawaiian demigod

The island of Maui in Hawaii is named after a Hawaiian demigod.

Known for his jovial and good-natured nature, this demigod is said to have fished the land from the bottom of the sea with his magic line and forced the sun to slow its course from the top of the volcano...

This island, which is the second largest in the Hawaiian archipelago, is famous for the beauty of its landscapes, which indeed seem to be a gift from the gods.

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It is also called the valley island, because of the very fertile isthmus that separates its two volcanoes. The island was formed when lava from the two volcanoes met in the middle and this explains why it is shaped like a giant M.

2- It has two volcanoes

The island of Maui is blessed with two volcanoes: the Mauna Kahalawai and the Haleakala (whose name means 'the house of the sun', referring to the legend of the demigod catching the sun to slow its course).

The crater of Haleakala volcano is one of the largest on the planet, with a circumference of 34 km.

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Travelers love to climb to its summit, at 3000 meters above sea level, to watch the sunset.

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But it is also nice to stay at the foot of the volcano, in a green tropical valley turned into a national park, to enjoy the lush nature.

3- It is famous for its dream beaches

On Maui, the lunar landscapes of the Haleakala volcano contrast with clear sandy beaches where families come every weekend to enjoy picnics and swimming.

With its 240 km of coastline, this Hawaiian island offers beaches for all tastes... and all colors! There are beautiful white sand beaches as well as red and black sand beaches.

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Among the dreamy landscapes of this island, it is also worth mentioning lush tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls, such as the famous Waimoku Falls.

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Once you're there, you'll understand why readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine have voted Maui the best island in the United States more than 20 times!

If you had to choose just one island out of the 132 in the Hawaiian archipelago, choose this one because it's the ultimate dream destination.

It's where many celebrities have purchased homes and where American couples dream of spending their honeymoon.

4- It is a wonderful spot to practice water sports

If the island of Maui regularly ranks among the most beautiful in the world, it is also for its diving, surfing and windsurfing spots.

Its surfing spots are renowned worldwide, which is not surprising since Hawaii is where the sport was invented.

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Even if you're not a surfer, you can enjoy many water activities such as snorkeling or windsurfing.

And if you prefer golf, you can work on your swing at one of the island's 13 golf courses.

5- It offers unforgettable experiences

Maui is not just a postcard island but a destination full of surprises. The food is delicious, and in the winter, it's possible to watch the humpback whale migration.

If you want to soak up Hawaiian culture, don't leave the island without visiting the village of Lahaina, which is the former capital of Hawaii and a whaling town.

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