Repairing Electrical Appliances: Understanding The Repair Bonus In 5 Questions

From December 15, 2022, having electrical, electronic or household appliances repaired will cost you less thanks to a device called the repair bonus. We suggest you understand everything about this new measure in 5 questions.

1- What is the objective of this device?

The repair bonus is a scheme that will come into effect from December 15, 2022 to encourage consumers to have their appliances repaired when they break down and thus extend their lifespan.

Until now, many people gave up on having electrical, electronic or household appliances repaired because repairing them could cost more than buying a new one.

The measure that will soon come into force will change this. This measure comes from the 2020 AGEC law on the fight against waste and the circular economy. It is financed by companies via eco-organizations.

2- What does this bonus consist of?

The repair bonus is a discount of between €10 and €45, calculated according to the type of device being repaired.

This deduction, which equals approximately 20% of the total repair amount, is applied directly to your bill.

For example, you will soon be able to benefit from a bonus of €10 for having a coffee machine repaired, €15 for the repair of a drill, €25 for that of a washing machine, €30 for having a television repaired and €45 for a laptop.

The fund that enables this measure to be financed has been endowed by the public authorities with an overall envelope of 410 million euros over 6 years.

3- How to benefit from the repair bonus?

To benefit from this discount, you don't have to do anything special. You simply must go to a QualiRépar-labeled repairer.

To date, there are 500 of them just about everywhere in France and the list of certified repairers will be available on the website starting December 15, 2022 (see link below). The network of certified repairers is expected to expand to more than 1,500 professionals by 2023.

It is the repairer who advances the amount of the repair bonus and claims the reimbursement from the Ecologic or Ecosystem eco-organizations.

To benefit from this scheme, you must also meet certain eligibility conditions: the device must be among the equipment eligible for this bonus and must no longer be under warranty.

To note: if the total amount of the bill is less than the bonus, this aid will not be granted. For laptops or fixed computers, all-in-one computers, monitors, scanners and printers, the bonus will be granted from a triggering threshold.

4- Which devices are eligible?

As of December 15, 2022, some thirty electrical appliances will be eligible for the repair bonus.

This small financial boost will then be extended to other categories of appliances in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

The public authorities have defined 10 families of equipment that can benefit from this scheme:
1. large household equipment, excluding appliances with refrigerant circuits
2. Large household equipment, appliances with refrigerant circuits
3. Small household equipment, excluding refrigerants
4. Televisions
5. Consumer electronics excluding TVs and non-integrated optics and toys and leisure and sports equipment, excluding mobility
6. Cameras with separate optics
7. Computer and telecommunications equipment
8. Large electric tools
9. Small tools
10. Toys and leisure and sports equipment / mobility

5- Which devices are excluded from the scheme?

Devices that are still under legal or commercial warranty or are covered by insurance are not eligible for the repair bonus.

Also excluded from this scheme are:
- appliances that are not owned by households
- those that do not have a nameplate or identification number or IMEI number
- those that do not comply with the regulations (including counterfeit devices or those that do not comply with European standards).

Please also note that some repairers' interventions are not eligible for this bonus:
- damages of a non-functional nature
- damage covered by the legal warranty on hidden defects
- problems resulting from use that does not comply with the manufacturer's instructions
- replacement of consumables (such as batteries or cartridges) or accessories, with the exception of non-removable cell phone batteries
- maintenance operations, including software maintenance.

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