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Garden: 5 good reasons to stop mowing the lawn

different areas, a greenhouse or a compost bin. 4- A wild lawn is a living spectacle Another good reason to stop mowing the lawn is to let a rich ecosystem teeming with life flourish in your garden. If you decide to stop cutting the grass, you will rediscover your lawn: this part of your gard ...


Will global warming in France in the 21st century be greater than expected?

ar and numerous temperature spikes, and long and severe droughts. Beyond the difficulties of living that will lead everyone to adapt, it is also the whole ecosystem that will have to react or disappear, starting with the agricultural industry, which is one of the most productive sectors of our econo ...


The French Gut: a project to map the microbiota of the French.

French intestine", aims to learn more about this organ and, more specifically, the billions of bacteria that inhabit it. Our intestines house a vast ecosystem composed of 50 trillion bacteria. This microbiota, which represents one kilogram of our body weight, is unique to each person and its compos ...


8 steps to non-gardening

burned, chopped, lumbered, paved and built on so much nature that less than a quarter of the planet's land is still wild. Natural habitats and entire ecosystems have been wiped out for agriculture (which now accounts for 40% of the land on Earth) and other forms of development. At this point, the l ...


Hobbies : create a paludarium in 5 questions

tiles or crustaceans. The great interest of paludariums compared to aquariums is that they allow you to reconstitute more complete and diversified ecosystems than a simple aquarium. Be sure to ask around when you buy to avoid predation problems. Indeed, not all species can coexist peacefully! ...


Repairing electrical appliances: understanding the repair bonus in 5 questions

expand to more than 1,500 professionals by 2023. It is the repairer who advances the amount of the repair bonus and claims the reimbursement from the Ecologic or Ecosystem eco-organizations. To benefit from this scheme, you must also meet certain eligibility conditions: the device must be amon ...