Christmas Gifts: Why And How To Give Second-hand Gifts?

Perhaps you have never dared to offer a second-hand object at Christmas, for fear of being seen as a cheapskate. And yet, this year, second-hand gifts should be numerous at the foot of the Christmas tree. We explain why second-hand gifts are popular and how to give them without making a mistake.

Why offer second-hand items?

The current trend of second hand gifts can be explained both by the financial difficulties linked to the economic and health crisis, but also by the French people's desire to consume in a more responsible way.

In the current context of inflation and Shortage of raw materials, second-hand purchases appear to be the perfect antidote to over-consumption.

This year, as Christmas approaches, resourceries and second-hand stores are not letting up. It must be said that these shops are real Ali Baba's caves for small budgets looking for good gift ideas: you can easily find clothes and accessories, but also toys and games to please the children.

Online, too, the sites for selling between individuals such as Leboncoin, eBay and Vinted are recording an unprecedented increase in the number of visitors, particularly in the games and toys section.

Where can you find them?

Now that second-hand Christmas gifts are no longer a taboo, it's very easy to find them in specialized shops, such as the En second lieu shop located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

If you prefer to do your Christmas shopping in physical stores, you will find your happiness in vintage and/or solidarity shops, thrift shops, ressourceries and of course Emmaus shops.

There is also no Shortage of second-hand items on offer online:
- on generalist classified ad sites such as Leboncoin and Vinted for example
- on sites that specialise in a particular type of object such as Recyclivre, the specialist in second-hand books (link below) or Rejoué, an association that refurbishes second-hand games and toys and employs people in work integration.

To be noted: in November 2021, 15 million visitors explored the leboncoin site; that's twice as many as in November 2020 when the French were confined and unable to get to the stores to do their Christmas shopping.

For whom?

If you're wondering how to give second-hand gifts without making a mistake, the question you need to ask yourself is not 'how do I do it?' but rather 'who should I reserve these gifts for?'

According to a survey, more than one in two French people would be willing to receive a second-hand object as a gift. But opinions on this point differ greatly depending on the age and sensitivity of each.

Indeed, if the younger generations are rather open to this formula for both financial and ecological reasons, the older ones might find this type of gift inappropriate.

Before launching yourself, take into account the age of the recipient, his proximity to you, his possible ecological convictions and especially the nature and condition of the second-hand object you want to offer.

As with any gift, the most important thing is to choose well! As a general rule, vintage designer clothes, decorative or design objects and crockery are good ideas for second-hand gifts, provided of course that they are in very good condition.

Author: Audrey
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