Choosing Your Electrical Equipment: Offers And Advice

Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast undertaking renovation work, selecting the right electrical equipment is critical for ensuring user safety. Given the extensive range of options available, it's perfectly normal to wonder which brand to choose and where to find functional and long-lasting equipment at the best price. To help clarify your choices, here are five tips for choosing the right electrical equipment.

Prioritize high-quality equipment.

The first tip for choosing the right electrical equipment is to favor quality equipment. Individuals renovating their electrical installation would do well to opt for professional electrical material from a known brand that meets safety standards.

If you are hesitating between several products, rely on the CE and NF markings. These are quality guarantees for the consumer. To comply with safety standards, electrical equipment must conform to the European standard EN, the harmonization document HD, and the French standard NF C 15-100.

Beware of counterfeits.

Conversely, a product without any markings should raise your suspicion. Various types of equipment such as an electrical panel, power outlets, or a circuit breaker can be counterfeit.

Also, know that major electrical equipment brands list all their products with a specific registration number. Without such a reference, the electrical equipment is likely counterfeit: do not purchase it!

Turn to recognized brands.

To avoid counterfeits and disappointments, the simplest solution is to turn to well-known and recognized brands. One of the most obvious tips for choosing electrical equipment is to rely on benchmark brands such as Legrand or Schneider Electric.

Legrand is one of the global leaders in the field of electrical installations and communication networks. This French brand, known worldwide, has implemented a system to protect itself from counterfeiting with ID tags placed on its products.

Another leading French manufacturer is the industrial group Schneider Electric. The equipment from this brand is highly valued by professional electricians for their quality, ease of use, and durability. Schneider Electric is also known for its good value for money.

Among the leaders in this sector, the German manufacturer Hager enjoys an international reputation. It specializes in manufacturing equipment for industry and residential electrical installations. One of the strengths of this brand is its patented Quickfix fastening system, which facilitates the installation and wiring of an electrical panel.

Other brands, a bit less known to the general public in France, are just as reliable for your electrical work. These include the German brand Siemens, the brand Atlantic, or the brand Wago, known for its connection terminals.

4- Take advantage of current offers.

Price is certainly an important criterion for making the right choice among the various major brands of electrical equipment. Another tip for purchasing quality electrical equipment at the best price is to take advantage of promotions.

Just like with any other purchase, it's useful to compare prices and take advantage of temporary offers to reduce the overall cost of the work.

Specialized stores in professional electrical equipment regularly offer promotions. To benefit from the best prices, discover our current offers on the web page dedicated to promotions.

Look for the best value for money.

The last of the 5 tips for choosing the right electrical equipment is to look for the best value for money. It can be tempting to always go for the lowest prices, but that's not always the best strategy!

When carrying out electrical work, it's important to consider criteria such as quality, durability, and product accessibility.

When making a purchase, always check:
• the compliance of the equipment with regulations and safety standards.
• delivery times and costs.
• the brand's reputation and its potential commitment to the environment.
• the reliability of the products in terms of efficiency and safety.
• the durability of the equipment.
• for visible equipment like switches, their uniqueness and design.

These various quality criteria should not be overlooked and can justify a slightly higher price.

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