The Santons Fair Of Mouans-sartoux: Everything To Prepare The Nativity Scene.

With over thirty editions under its belt and around 8000 visitors each year, the Santon Fair of Mouans-Sartoux is the oldest and largest fair in the Alpes-Maritimes. There, you can find figurines of all sizes, as well as nativity scene accessories, books, and even paint-your-own santons.

A well alive tradition

The nativity scene and its santons are essential elements of Christmas in the south of France. In the County of Nice and in Provence, this tradition is still very much alive, as evidenced by the crowds at the santons fairs.

The Mouans-Sartoux Santons Fair has been around for over thirty years and its success shows no signs of waning. On the contrary: this event attracts more and more visitors and the traditional figurines sell like hotcakes...

All the people from the French Riviera who want to expand their nativity scene with new characters or accessories are loyal to this event, which is the oldest and largest fair in the department.

Edition 2023 - Translation: Edition 2023

The 40th Santon Fair in Mouans-sartoux invites you to visit the Media Library from November 3rd to December 24th, 2023.

This year, 23 santonniers will present their creations. With thousands of santons of all sizes and styles, there is no shortage of choices!

In addition to these traditional figurines representing iconic characters of the Nativity or ancient professions in Provence (the shepherd, the miller, the washerwoman...), you will find:
• hundreds of crib accessories and decorative elements
• books on the history of santons, the art of making cribs, and Christmas traditions in Provence
• paintable figurines
• Provençal houses...

Practical information

The Santons Fair of Mouans-Sartoux is held from November 3rd to December 24th, 2023 at the Media Library.

Media Library - La Strada
201, avenue de Cannes

Tel: 04 92 92 47 24

Opening hours:
Every day: from 2pm to 6pm

Free entry

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More informations:
In French: La Foire aux santons de Mouans-Sartoux : tout pour préparer la crèche
En español: La Feria de los santones de Mouans-Sartoux: todo para preparar el belén.
In italiano: La Fiera dei santoni di Mouans-Sartoux: tutto per preparare il presepe
Auf Deutsch: Der Santonmarkt von Mouans-Sartoux: Alles für die Krippenvorbereitung.
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