Fair Trade Fortnight: Events Throughout France.

"Fair Trade Fortnight aims to raise public awareness of the issues of international solidarity and responsible consumption. This operation gives rise to hundreds of events throughout France."

Better understanding fair trade.

Fair trade, we hear a lot about it, but we don't always know exactly what it is...

The Fair Trade Fortnight is an opportunity to discover or better understand this form of solidarity and responsible trade that directly benefits small producers, mostly in developing countries.

Initiated in 2001 by members of the Platform for Fair Trade (PFCE), this operation leads to hundreds of events throughout France.

For two weeks, actors in responsible consumption organize fair meals, specialized markets, meetings with producers from the North and South, ethical fashion shows as well as cultural activities, film screenings and exhibitions...

Committing to fairer trade.

The Fair Trade Fortnight allows for the promotion of the commitments of this responsible and supportive trade, including:
• promoting sustainable production and food for all
• putting people and the environment at the center of the economy and exchanges
• guaranteeing fair compensation to producers both locally and internationally
• showing solidarity beyond borders.

Fair Trade contributes to sustainable development by favoring economic and social development of Southern producers, thanks in particular to fairer trade transactions. It also favors environmentally respectful modes of production and participates in the fight against climate change and biodiversity preservation.

Note that the Fair Trade Fortnight has contributed to the strong development of this sector in France over the past ten years:
• the awareness of Fair Trade went from 9% in 2000 to 98% in 2010
• more than 2/3 of French people identify with the values promoted by Fair Trade
• in 2010, 8 million French households bought at least one Fair Trade/Max Havelaar labeled product
• the growth of the sector was at 5% in 2010.

In France, the most sold products are coffee and tea (48% of the total), but one can also find fair trade decoration objects, clothing and furniture.

Edition 2023 translates to "2023 Edition" in English.

The 2023 edition of the Fair Trade Fortnight takes place from May 13th to May 28th, 2023 throughout France.

During these fifteen days, stakeholders committed to Fair Trade (companies, associations, local authorities, etc.) offer multiple events: breakfasts and brunches, markets, concerts, debates, and film screenings...

To find out about events organized near you, you can check the official website below.

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More informations: https://www.quinzaine-commerce-equitable.org/
In French: La Quinzaine du commerce équitable : des animations dans toute la France
En español: La Quincena del Comercio Justo: actividades en toda Francia.
In italiano: La Quindicina del commercio equo e solidale: animazioni in tutta la Francia.
Auf Deutsch: Die zweiwöchige Messe für fairen Handel: Veranstaltungen im ganzen Frankreich.
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