Men's Clothing: The 5 Fashion Trends For Spring

Spring is here and with it comes the time to give a fresh look to his dressing. After a year 2021 placed under the sign of freedom and comfort, fashion designers have revealed new trends in their men's collections. We have selected 5 spring fashion trends for men.

1- The seasonal jacket

Because one well-chosen piece is enough to sublimate even the simplest looks, the first of 5 spring fashion trends is the men's jacket.

A mid-season jacket par excellence, the jacket comes in many materials, such as leather or denim, and in all styles, from the most chic to the most casual.

If you had to choose just one to be right on trend this year, it would probably be the varsity jacket or varsity jacket, spotted in the men's Spring/Summer 2022 collections at Dior Men, Louis Vuitton and Moschino.

This year, the varsity jacket is worn in its original version or in the form of more sober and plain reinterpretations.

2- The timeless cardigan

If the varsity jacket doesn't fit your style and you'd rather opt for a more timeless mid-season jacket, you should know that the cardigan is also among the 5 fashion trends for spring 2022.

At this time of year when temperatures are getting warmer, the cardigan is an easy replacement for the winter coat or jacket.

Easier to wear (and especially to take off) than a sweater, this collarless cardigan is one of the key pieces for spring.

If the men's cardigan regularly returns to the catwalks, it is also because it has the great advantage of being able to be worn in all circumstances, with a dressy or casual outfit.

3- The essential loose suit

It's already been several seasons that oversize pieces are in fashion. The loose cut is a strong trend in men's and women's fashion.

In the men's dressing room, after sweaters, pants and t-shirts, it is the turn of the suit to adopt a looser cut.

One of the 5 fashion trends for spring 2022 is therefore to wear the loose suit, in a wider and more casual version.

Feel free to wear it with a shirt or with a t-shirt and of course with a pair of sneakers on your feet!

For the nice days, you can even pair the maxi blazer with jeans and a white t-shirt to stay stylish in all circumstances.

4- The comfortable cargo pants

Among the wide pieces that are part of the 5 spring fashion trends for men, we must also mention cargo pants.

These military-inspired pants feature overstitching and large pockets on the front or sides. Depending on the location and size of the pockets, these pants have a more or less military or casual look.

Very practical and comfortable, the cargo pants become stylish when worn with a slim shirt or a white polo shirt and well contrasted shoes. They are THE piece to have this spring in your wardrobe for a smart casual look.

5- The great return of the shorts

The last of the 5 fashion trends for spring 2022 is the great return of shorts in men's collections.

Once fallen into oblivion, shorts are emerging as the most fashionable bottoms in the summer season this year, especially in its stylish version, the chino shorts.

The chino shorts, which arrive just above the knee, comes in many colors while remaining elegant.

For a more casual look, don't hesitate to swap your jeans for a pair of denim shorts! Pair them with a white shirt or a floral cube-neck shirt and you'll be showing off a cheerfully casual style.

Author: Audrey
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