Car: Why Switch To Electric?

Opting for an electric car is not yet an obvious choice for some French people. The price remains a barrier for many consumers. However, several good reasons could prompt you to trade in your thermal car for an electric one, despite a higher purchase price. We will explain why switching to electric is a good idea.

1- The additional purchase cost is offset by usage.

Motorists who hesitate to take the plunge and buy an electric car are mainly put off by the price. It is true that, with equivalent performance and comfort, an electric model currently costs between 20% and 30% more than a thermal model.

However, if we consider the long-term cost of the vehicle, electric cars have the advantage of being cheaper to use. Not only is electric energy cheaper than fuel, but the maintenance costs of an electric model are also more reasonable. This is the first good reason to switch to electric.

Unlike a thermal model, there is no oil change to be scheduled or timing belt to be replaced on an electric car! The maintenance cost of an electric vehicle compared to an equivalent thermal model would be 23% lower after 3 years and 50% lower after 6 years.

2- Driving is more comfortable.

Just try an electric vehicle at a dealership to be convinced: switching to electric allows you to enjoy unmatched driving comfort.

It is often argued that an electric car produces neither exhaust gases nor noise, which limits nuisances in the city. But city dwellers are not the only ones who benefit from the advantages of electric vehicles. For the driver too, this type of vehicle is more comfortable and pleasant to use.

On the one hand, the vehicle is easier to drive, as it lacks a clutch and gearbox. On the other hand, the engine is silent and never stalls. Unlike thermal vehicles, it always starts instantly, even in winter. Inside the cabin, the driver and passengers enjoy smoother driving without vibrations.

3- An electric vehicle is cleaner.

It goes without saying, an electric car is cleaner than a combustion engine car. When it runs, it emits no CO2 or any other greenhouse gases and generates almost no fine particles.

In electric models, the fine particles emitted mainly come from the tires and brakes. However, this type of vehicle does not produce any hydrocarbon smoke.

Of course, the carbon footprint of electric cars is not perfect because the manufacturing of the vehicles and their batteries generates CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, these cars have the advantage of not emitting atmospheric pollutants. This is why they are not subject to traffic restrictions imposed during pollution peaks, nor to bans on driving in low emission zones (LEZ) in certain French cities. This is another of the five good reasons to switch to electric.

4- Recharging is easier.

If you are one of those drivers who hesitate to switch to electric because of the constraints related to vehicle charging, be aware that almost all gas stations are now equipped with ultra-fast charging stations.

You can also find them at highway rest areas, and you just need to check the websites of various highway networks like Vinci or Albea to locate them. This will make your long-distance trips easier!

Today, the most efficient charging stations allow you to fully charge the battery in just 15 minutes. On average, a recharge takes 30 minutes and costs around €5.

5- The price of electric cars could decrease.

Another piece of good news for motorists who would like to switch to electric: since 2023, there has been a decrease in battery prices, which could benefit consumers.

As the battery accounts for up to 60% of the final price of an electric vehicle, manufacturers might revise the price of their electric models and make them more accessible to the general public.

This change in the price of electric batteries is explained by the prices of components such as cobalt, manganese, and lithium, which are themselves impacted by the decline in demand in the Chinese market. In China, the number of electric cars is no longer increasing, contributing to easing the pressure on the raw materials market.

In summary, in recent months, minerals have become cheaper, electric batteries too, and this might soon be the case for clean vehicles as well.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: PickPik
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