The Adult Vacation Notebook: The Essential Summer Accessory

You've packed your suitcases, your swimsuit and your sunscreen... But have you thought about your adult vacation book? Playing on the nostalgia of childhood, these new game books are the big trend of the summer, as evidenced by the plethora of bookstores.

It's not just for kids

Since its creation by a Creuse paper maker in 1933, the vacation notebook has become one of the iconic objects of summer. It has never stopped reinventing itself.

It must be said that these books are a windfall for publishing houses that sell nearly 5 million copies each year. And publishers seem determined to exploit this vein, including with a wider audience...

For the past few years, vacation notebooks have not been just for kids. A new kind of game book has appeared in bookstores: the adult vacation notebook!

More complete and more fun than a simple book of arrow words, this 'vacation notebook for grown-ups' plays the nostalgia card to the full. It uses the codes of the Passport notebooks of our childhood to better immerse us in our vacation memories like a Proust madeleine.

The success seems to be there since the publishing houses do not cease to expand their offer, by declining this type of notebooks on the most diverse themes. Nostalgia when you hold us!

Games and general culture

Content-wise, the adult vacation notebook serves its purpose perfectly. Just like when we were in fifth grade, it promises to review our knowledge in a fun way.

Most of these notebooks are therefore focused on quizzes and games around general culture, like the General Culture Adult Passport notebook. Something to wake up your neurons numbed by lazy sessions in the sun!

Some of them, which look like summer specials from specialized magazines, focus on certain subjects. For example, you can revise your scientific knowledge with the Science et Vie vacation book or take a tour of the world of peoples and cultures with the Géo vacation book...

You can also work on your English or Spanish at the same time as you work on getting a perfect tan on the beach. And if you prefer historical anecdotes, try the Secrets d'Histoire notebook by Stéphane Bern, published by Albin Michel.

Let's be clear, however, that you don't risk brain overheating under the vacation sun because these adult workbooks offer more games than real exercises.

There is something for everyone

Even if you had trouble finishing your vacation notebooks as a child, you can find a vacation notebook for adults to your liking from a plethora of offerings. Publishers compete with each other to satisfy all audiences.

You can find 'Police Investigations' notebooks for thriller fans at Marabout, a special cat vacation notebook at Rustica Editions or a witch vacation notebook at Secret d'Étoiles for modern-day witches.

Sports fans, and more particularly cycling fans, are not forgotten with a notebook on the theme of the Tour de france from Solar Editions or the special sports notebook from the newspaper L'Équipe!

Television viewers who have always dreamed of taking part in Fort Boyard or Koh Lanta will be able to exercise their neurons thanks to the adult vacation notebooks in the colors of these famous television games.

There are even erotic vacation notebooks published by La Musardine with arrow words and 'other cheeky games' which of course are not for children!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Sule Makaroglu on Pexels
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In French: Le cahier de vacances pour adulte : l'accessoire indispensable de l'été
En español: El cuaderno de vacaciones para adultos: el accesorio esencial del verano
In italiano: Il taccuino delle vacanze per adulti: l'accessorio estivo indispensabile
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