Gardens On Stage: A Cultural Season In Picardy

From May to October, the parks and gardens of Picardy welcome performing artists (dance, circus, music, theater) for exceptional performances in a lush setting. This event, called Jardins en Scène, beckons all lovers of nature and performance.

Live performances in the gardens

Every year, Picardy celebrates the arrival of the beautiful days by organizing Gardens on Stage. From May to October, the parks and gardens of the region welcome live performance artists (dance, circus, music, theater, storytelling, magic).

Picardy, French, and international companies set up in the gardens to offer the public unforgettable moments of poetry, humor, and conviviality.

This event, organized by the Regional Council and the Picardy Regional Tourism Committee, is an opportunity to discover around fifty shows with friends or family. There is something for every taste and age!

An environment conducive to escape

As its name suggests, Jardins en scène is also an excellent pretext to (re)discover the parks and gardens of the Picardy region.

This year again, about fifty gardens will participate in the event and will serve as a backdrop for the proposed performances.

2024 Edition

For this edition, from August 23 to September 29, 2024, in the Hauts-de-France region, Jardins en scène will offer numerous unique performances spread across different locations.

This new season is aimed at everyone, including the youngest audiences with shows labeled "young public".

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More informations:
In French: Jardins en scène : une saison culturelle en Picardie
En español: Jardines en escena: una temporada cultural en Picardía
In italiano: Giardini in scena: una stagione culturale in Piccardia
Auf Deutsch: Gärten auf der Bühne: Eine kulturelle Saison in der Picardie
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