Santa's Secretariat: How Does It Work?

If you count among your Christmas traditions writing a letter to Santa Claus with your children, you should know that Santa's secretariat is already open! On the dedicated website of the Post Office, children can write their letter but also enjoy games and activities to wait until the big day.

All letters arrive at Santa Claus

Thanks to the Post Office, the magic of Christmas will work again this year. Just write your letter to Santa and post it in any yellow mailbox, even without a stamp on the envelope, and it will arrive safely!

Of course, don't forget to write 'Santa Claus' on the envelope and include your full name and mailing address on the back so that Santa's secretariat can reply.

The postal elves who work in Santa's secretariat personally answer the letters and emails that children send them. It's a tradition carried on by the Post Office every year... since 1962!

Children receive a response

Notice to parents: don't hesitate to suggest that your children write their letter to Santa! The 50 postal elves from the Post Office will take care of receiving and answering this mail.

In 2020, Santa's secretariat received a total of 1.25 million letters from around the world. In kindergarten class the writing of this letter is even used as an educational project.

The only rule to remember is that you shouldn't get to it too late. By sending your letter to Santa before December 17, you are sure to get a response.

In order to meet the expectations of as many wise children as possible around the world, the replies are even written in two languages (French and English), to all children and classes who write to Santa.

The answer consists of a nice letter from Santa but also a postcard to color and to offer.

La Poste offers activities and games to help you wait

It is not always easy for the youngest to wait until Christmas and the month of December often seems very long...

Fortunately, Santa's secretariat has everything planned! On this site, which also offers an advent calendar, you will find creative activities (tutorials, cooking recipes...) and games to make the wait less long.

Among the fun activities offered on this site, wise children will be able to enjoy coloring cards, tales to listen to, a letter-writing workshop to Santa Claus and even a sleep counter.

Grown-ups also have the right to write their letters

You think that the letter to Santa Claus is a tradition reserved for children? Think again!

Now, adults who want to avoid disappointment or duplicate gifts at the foot of the tree, can write on paper or on screen the list of their wishes.

Some websites like have even made this their specialty:

So, if you haven't written your letter/list yet, everyone grab your pens or keyboards!

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