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Spring: eco-friendly laundry and household cleaning products

ailable in the form of dishwasher tablets and household sprays, could revolutionize the way we clean. The solid products, delivered directly to your mailbox, come with infinitely reusable sprays, to be purchased only once. You simply fill this container with tap water and add the effervescent table ...


The Christmas markets in Colmar: a magical atmosphere

d to please the little ones. Families can discover an animated nativity scene, enjoy a carousel ride, and post their letter to Santa Claus in a giant mailbox (with a daily prize draw). The Market at Place de l'Ancienne Douane brings together about fifty little houses arranged around the Schwendi fo ...


Christmas in Menton: magical animations in the city

he casino, shows mixing magic, sound and light games, dance, balance and other clownish antics will be offered. As for the traditional Santa Claus mailbox, it will receive letters from good children at the foot of the big tree in the Biovès gardens, from December 6 to 18. Don't forget to include ...


Tinsel and Trinkets: Mulhouse's Christmas Market

halet offering stories and songs, culinary workshops, and decorative arts workshops for children (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) - the official Santa Claus mailbox to send letters (children should remember to include their address to receive a personal response from Santa Claus!) Visitors looking for ...


Hipli: the parcel that can be reused up to 100 times

its purpose and been received by the recipient, simply fold it up into a small envelope (following the instructions on the back) and slip it into any mailbox. As it is already stamped, this little envelope will go straight back to Hipli in Le Havre. It is there that the package will be repackaged ...


Santa's secretariat: how does it work?

at Santa Claus Thanks to the Post Office, the magic of Christmas will work again this year. Just write your letter to Santa and post it in any yellow mailbox, even without a stamp on the envelope, and it will arrive safely! Of course, don't forget to write 'Santa Claus' on the envelope and includ ...


Digital Sobriety: how to reduce the environmental impact of your devices?

cular: - to store useful and local, avoiding duplicate file Storage and deleting all unnecessary documents in the cloud. - to clean up your mailbox regularly because emails represent a large amount of permanently stored data. To limit the weight of this data, also consider unsubscribing fr ...


Household Linens: Where Does the Winter White Tradition Come From?

nd sometimes even starting in December. Nowadays, the dates of this promotional event vary from one retailer to another. Therefore, you must monitor your mailbox and watch out for promotional emails that your favorite stores will send you so you don't miss any great deals. This typically French cus ...