Thomas Pesquet: Objective France, A Fascinating Documentary On France 2.

Because he is one of the few French people to have gone into space, Thomas Pesquet inevitably has an unusual perspective on our planet and on France. In an unprecedented documentary broadcast on Tuesday, April 25 on France 2, the astronaut agreed to explore certain French territories threatened by global warming. Here are 3 good reasons to watch this documentary entitled Thomas Pesquet: Objective France.

1- Thomas Pesquet is a valuable witness.

As its title suggests, the documentary Thomas Pesquet: Objective France, to be discovered tomorrow evening on France 2, honors the French astronaut and his original view of our planet. Returning to Earth after two missions in space, Thomas Pesquet brought to our blue planet a perspective that only 500 astronauts before him have experienced.

He is one of the few humans who have been to space and has therefore been able to become aware of the Earth in all its entirety but also in all its fragility. He has seen things that cannot be seen from the ground and his testimony is what makes this documentary so interesting.

From the ISS, one can embrace the blue planet in a single glance. We realize that all humans live aboard the same spaceship, this precious Earth floating in the void of space. From this point of view, climate issues appear more crucial than ever.

2- This movie offers magnificent images.

In this unprecedented 96-minute film, Thomas Pesquet takes us on a journey through magnificent landscapes that illustrate the diversity and richness of French territories. The beauty of the images is another of the 3 good reasons to watch the documentary Thomas Pesquet: objective France.

With two space missions under his belt, Thomas Pesquet spent over a year in total on the International Space Station or ISS and took 245,000 photos of our planet! In this documentary, the astronaut shows us our planet through the images he took and helps us change our perspective.

Through the inevitably original perspective of the astronaut, viewers can rediscover the beauty of our country. France is the only country to have territories in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. With an area of 550,000 km2, French territories represent only half a percent of the planet's landmasses, but they are spread over 3 seas and 3 oceans.

In this documentary, viewers can follow Thomas Pesquet to the top of the canopy, to the bottom of crevasses, or to the heart of Normandy, his family region, to make the connection between the global and the local. Our different ecosystems, from tropical forests to temperate forests, coral reefs, mountains, and plains, offer a good overview of the changes at work on our planet due to greenhouse gas emissions and human activities in general.

3- The astronaut surrounded himself with experts.

Even though the astronaut serves as the main attraction and pilot in this beautiful documentary, Thomas Pesquet has surrounded himself with experts to explore the diversity of French territories and highlight the environmental challenges that await us. He has walked through territories increasingly threatened by global warming in the company of various specialists such as a marine biologist, a navigator, a mountain guide, a nature photographer, and farmers.

Far more than just a trip to the four corners of France, this documentary offers multiple perspectives to raise awareness among viewers about the threats that global warming poses to French territories.

The last positive point to note is that the documentary Thomas Pesquet: Objective France manages to talk about ecology and climate change without blaming or guilt-tripping the viewer. As this is a rather rare feat, it is an excellent reason to watch this unique documentary, broadcast on Tuesday, April 25 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV / Grand Angle Productions
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In French: Thomas Pesquet : objectif France, un documentaire fascinant sur France 2
En español: Thomas Pesquet: objetivo Francia, un documental fascinante en France 2.
In italiano: Thomas Pesquet: obiettivo Francia, un documentario affascinante su France 2.
Auf Deutsch: Thomas Pesquet: Ziel Frankreich, eine faszinierende Dokumentation auf France 2.
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