Thursday, It's Julien: A Radio Show Hosted By Julien Clerc

Julien Clerc is an essential artist of French music. But did you know that the performer of "Femmes, je vous aime" has always dreamed of doing radio? This dream will come true in September 2023 as the singer will host the show "Jeudi, c'est Julien" on the airwaves of Nostalgie starting from the new season. Here's everything you need to know about this new radio show.

Julien Clerc becomes a radio host.

The news has been buzzing on the Internet for a few weeks now: Julien Clerc, who has already been a coach on The Voice on TF1, is adding another string to his bow by becoming a radio host!

At 75 years old, the composer and performer is not afraid to try new experiences. Starting from Thursday, September 7, 2023, the many fans of his songs will be able to find him on the airwaves of radio Nostalgie every week...

This new project titled "Jeudi, c'est Julien" undoubtedly represents a challenge for the singer, who is currently preparing a new album and will be performing at the Paris Paradis Festival on September 9.

A concept imagined by the singer himself.

For those wondering what the show Jeudi, c'est Julien sur Nostalgie will be like, know that the idea for this weekly rendezvous comes from Julien Clerc himself.

The singer of Ma préférence shared with Le Parisien newspaper: "I really love radio. So, I went to the management and told them that if they were willing to give me the opportunity, I would really like to do this simple concept that allows us to tell stories and play music that we love."

During this one-hour show, Julien Clerc will reveal anecdotes about selected songs centered around a theme. Regarding this concept, he stated: "I find it amusing to tell these little stories between the songs because there are things that we have forgotten, that we don't know, or that only I can know!"

A weekly meeting around iconic titles.

As its title suggests, the radio show "Jeudi, c'est Julien" will be broadcast on a weekly basis, every Thursday evening from 7 pm to 8 pm.

With personal memories from Julien Clerc and little-known juicy anecdotes from the general public, this new show promises to shed a new light on well-known hits for listeners.

The program of the show will showcase iconic French songs, specially selected by the singer around a different theme each time.

A season with Julien

Julien Clerc has signed up for a full season with Radio Nostalgie and has revealed that he has lots of theme ideas noted down in a little notebook! The singer has already planned around thirty themes to explore through songs that are close to his heart.

While waiting for the artist's return to the stage, fans will have the pleasure of finding their favorite singer every week on Thursday evenings.

During his interview, Julien Clerc also made some revelations about his upcoming album: "I plan to return to the stage in 3 years, so an album will be released before then. It is even very advanced in terms of composition."

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In French: Jeudi, c'est Julien : une émission de radio animée par Julien Clerc
En español: Jueves, es Julien: un programa de radio presentado por Julien Clerc
In italiano: Giovedì è Julien: un programma radiofonico condotto da Julien Clerc.
Auf Deutsch: Donnerstag ist Julien: Eine Radiosendung moderiert von Julien Clerc.
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