Normal People : The Series To Discover

On February 14, France 5 will give a gift to all romantic souls by broadcasting for the first time on free-to-air the event series Normal people. Since its first broadcast in Ireland in the spring of 2020, this series has been an unprecedented success in the United Kingdom but also in the rest of Europe and the United States. We explain why this fair and moving love story is a must-see drama.

A love story of today

The Normal people series is set in Ireland, in a high school in County Sligo. In this school in the Irish countryside, an unexpected friendship develops between Connell, a popular athlete, and Marianne, a solitary, discreet and reserved girl.

The friendship between these two young people, who have nothing in common, soon turns into an intense attraction, which the two young people will have to tame.

Their love story, which began in high school, continues at Trinity College in Dublin. Season 1 follows their romance until the end of their studies in Dublin with its ups and downs, its trials and tribulations, its breakups and its lighter moments.

The Irish series, which was a hit with viewers when it aired across the UK in spring 2020, is adapted from a best-selling novel by Sally Rooney.

Great young actors

If the series has thrilled viewers and critics alike and has been nominated for a 2021 Golden Globe, it's because this seemingly mundane story has moments of remarkable intensity.

The Writing of the main characters is very fine and very accurate. It should be noted that the author, Sally Rooney, participated in the Writing of the series.

The series also allowed to highlight the talent of two young actors, who managed to deliver an intense performance, without modesty and without blush. These ordinary teenagers are played by two actors previously unknown to the public: Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal.

True revelations of the Normal people series, they have gone so suddenly from the shadows to the light that they have gained millions of followers on Instagram and that the actor Paul Mescal has decided to retire from this social network!

A moving and addictive series

Whether or not you're a blue-eyed flower, don't miss the Normal people series! More than just a teen romance, this drama accurately dissects the feelings of millennials, painting a bittersweet portrait of today's youth.

The characters are disarmingly sincere so that this simple love story manages to melt even hearts of stone.

This moving drama, punctuated by beautiful moments of grace, has thrilled critics and has been described as romantic, modern, relevant and above all addictive!

With this new series, whose 12 episodes of 30 minutes will be broadcast on Mondays at 9 pm from February 14, 2022, France 5 inaugurates its new 'series' slot and hopes to rejuvenate its audience.

No doubt that French viewers will also fall under the spell of these normal people...

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