All In The Kitchen Summer Recipes: Cyril Lignac Returns On M6.

Good news for all fans of Cyril Lignac's delicious crispy dishes! Starting Monday, August 7, 2023, the friendliest chef on TV is back from Monday to Friday at 6:35 PM on M6 for a new series of episodes of "Tous en cuisine" dedicated to summer recipes.

Cyril Lignac to the rescue

The program "La Route des coffres" that was supposed to be the summer novelty on M6 did not convince. Faced with disappointing ratings, the channel has decided to stop broadcasting this novelty and has called in a winning team, I am of course talking about Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony in "Tous en cuisine"!

This program, which was created during the confinement in 2020, encountered phenomenal success during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has never waned since... It has been adapted into multiple seasons, especially for the end-of-year celebrations.

With "Tous en cuisine recettes d'été", it is the first time that the show is broadcasted in the middle of summer, which promises new and unique recipes highlighting seasonal products.

Fans of Cyril and Jérôme, a duo that never lacks spice, can find them on M6 from Monday to Friday at 6:35 pm, starting from Monday, August 7, 2023.

Get ready with your aprons!

If you are one of the many fans of Cyril Lignac and his recipes with olive oil and Espelette pepper, you can already put on your apron.

As in previous seasons of Tous en cuisine, the list of ingredients is given in advance on Cyril Lignac's social media and on the partner website Cuisine AZ (see link below).

Viewers can therefore go shopping and be ready to make the recipes at the same time as the chef, following a well-established mechanism. But of course, if you cannot watch the show live, you can watch it on replay and find the chef's recipes on the web. So even if you're not going on vacation in August, Cyril Lignac will bring sunshine to your plate!

Recipes that smell like summer and the South

It's live from the south of France that Cyril Lignac will share his summer recipes. Undoubtedly inspired by this setting and the season, the chef will propose new recipes that smell like sunshine, such as composed salads and vegetable gratins...

Always accompanied by his sidekick Jérôme Anthony, the most beloved chef on French television will delight us with seasonal menus and help us prepare meals during the holidays.

You can now identify the recipes that interest you and go shopping, as the production has published the necessary ingredients for the first week of broadcast, from August 7th to 11th.

As expected, there are plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables such as peaches, cherries, tomatoes, and cucumbers. During this first week, the chef shares his recipe for eggplant caviar with pomegranate and suggests preparing a refreshing peach granita.

If this appetizer has made you want to get back in the kitchen, tune in Monday to Friday at 6:35 PM on M6!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: M6
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