Diy: 5 Ideas For Using Pallets In The Garden.

It is not necessary to be a DIY pro to transform pallet wood into outdoor furniture and useful garden accessories. We have listed 5 ideas for using pallets in the garden that should inspire you to embark on these DIY projects.

1- Make supports for plants.

The first of the 5 ideas for using pallets in the garden is also the easiest to implement. It simply consists of using a whole wooden pallet as a support to hang flower pots or to let climbing plants grow on it.

Some gardeners also use whole pallets as storage for garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes or to hang smaller accessories such as pruning shears and transplanting trowels with hooks.

2- Create a square vegetable garden.

Wooden pallets are also a good material for creating a square vegetable garden, as we explained in a previous article (see link below). This cultivation technique consists of creating squares of 120 to 160 cm on each side using untreated wooden planks to structure and maintain your vegetable garden more easily. You simply need to dismantle the pallet and recover the planks to build your squares, which can be placed either on the ground or at a height, before planting strawberries or herbs, for example.

3- Making a compost bin with pallets.

If you prefer a wooden composter rather than a plastic resin bin to make your own compost in the garden, you can also make a pallet composter. You will find on the Internet many tutorials explaining how to make more or less complex models from pallet wood.

The simplest solution is to make an open bin composed of 4 whole pallets. Although basic, this composter has multiple advantages. Not only does it fulfill its role in the garden, but it is also free and durable, thanks to the reclaimed wood.

4- Making your own garden furniture.

More experienced DIY enthusiasts can even consider making their own garden furniture using pallets.

If you have some experience working with pallet wood, you can find inspiration from online tutorials and photos on Pinterest to create a garden lounge set with this reclaimed wood.

The ideas for using pallets in the garden are endless on the web and these tutorials will allow you to make:
• a coffee table
• benches or banquettes
• garden armchairs
• sun loungers

Note: even if you get the wooden pallets for free, plan for a certain budget to upcycle them into comfortable garden furniture! You will need to buy cushions and/or mattresses with a good foam thickness to ensure comfortable seating on the armchairs and benches of your creation.

5- Make a custom gardening table.

Even if you don't feel skilled enough in DIY to make your own pallet garden furniture, you can still use this reclaimed wood to make your own custom garden table.

As we explained in a previous article, a garden table is a very useful piece of furniture for sowing and planting. This type of potting table typically measures 90cm in height, with a tabletop that is 40-45cm wide and 80-130cm long.

The fifth of the 5 ideas for using pallets in the garden is therefore to salvage planks to make this custom piece of furniture, perhaps adding a shelf for storing gardening equipment or placing pots.

With pallet wood, you can also make a lower garden table for sowing flowers with children. And no matter how much they grow, this garden furniture will have cost you nothing!

Attention: errors to avoid.

Originally designed for the storage and transportation of goods, wooden pallets are a very useful raw material for both novice and experienced DIY enthusiasts.

As the above list shows, they offer an affordable and eco-friendly source of material for all sorts of DIY projects.

However, be aware that recycling pallets can be dangerous as some are treated with toxic chemicals. You should not use those marked with MB (for methyl bromide, a harmful substance) nor colored pallets in blue or red which have also undergone highly toxic chemical treatment.

Choose pallets marked with DB or EPAL (stripped wood) or HT (high-temperature treated) instead.

EPAL-marked pallets are consigned, stronger and heavier than non-consigned ones. They are a little harder to dismantle but better suited for outdoor projects as they resist insect attacks and weathering better.

Before recycling pallets into garden furniture or anything else, remember to clean them with a high-pressure jet or hard-bristled brush and leave them to dry in the sun for at least two days. Once the wood is completely dry, let your creativity run wild!

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