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Garden center purchases: how to choose your plants?

t to rebloom an amaryllis, for example. In the case of annual plants to be transplanted, if you choose plants already in bloom, the recovery after transplanting may be more difficult. 3- Conduct a thorough examination As you can see, garden center shopping requires thought and time. If you do ...


The chocolate drop: a plant that smells like chocolate

ndiera lyrata seeds are sown in spring. It is possible to sow them directly in place in warm climate regions. Everywhere else, sow them in cups before transplanting them to the garden in May. If you buy seedlings in cups, install them in May, when all risk of frost is gone, leaving 30 to 35 cm be ...


Basin plants: understand this watering method in 8 questions

te the plants to water them without making them rot. 4- When to drench a plant? As I explained above, it is recommended to soak the plants before transplanting them. For indoor plants, the frequency of basking is once to twice a month depending on the ambient temperature and the quality of th ...


DIY: 5 ideas for using pallets in the garden.

rdeners also use whole pallets as storage for garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes or to hang smaller accessories such as pruning shears and transplanting trowels with hooks. 2- Create a square vegetable garden. Wooden pallets are also a good material for creating a square vegetable garden, ...


ZZ plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia in 5 questions

e the cutting in room temperature water, making sure the leaves are not in contact with the water. Wait for the roots to reach a length of 5 cm before transplanting the cutting into special seed and cutting soil. How to treat a sick ZZ plant? If you notice that the tips of the leaves are browning, i ...


How to germinate a lychee seed?

e seed must of course be in contact with the soil, but the shoot or the top of the seed should remain visible. Preferably use a special seedling and transplanting mix and keep it always moist, especially at the beginning. The first leaves should appear on your lychee 4 weeks after planting. Note: ...


Garden: which flowers to sow in winter?

ea. Among the flowers to sow at the beginning of the year, some species like sweet peas or poppies are sown directly in place, as they do not tolerate transplanting well. ...