Christmas Tree: 3 Ideas For Edible Decorations

The festive season would not have the same flavour without chocolates, papillotes, Christmas shortbread and the many other delicacies traditionally associated with this time of year. But have you ever thought of hanging these types of treats on your Christmas tree? For all those who want to make a tree as beautiful as it is delicious, here are 3 ideas for edible decorations.

1- Barley sugars

With their beautiful red and white stripes, the candy sticks are perfect for decorating a tree with traditional Christmas colors.

These candies, which are called candy canes in the United States, sugar canes or Christmas canes, are believed to have been invented in 17th century Germany.

They have been among the Christmas treats since the mid-19th century. Originally mint-flavored, today they come in a variety of colors and flavors.

These sweets, which have become inseparable from the end-of-year celebrations, are sometimes represented on decorative plaster or wooden figurines.

But if you want to make a gourmet Christmas tree with edible decorations, it's best to use real candy to hang on the branches of your Christmas tree.

Not only will these decorations take everyone back to childhood, but the greediest ones won't mind eating them on Christmas Eve... or even before!

2- Christmas shortbread

In Alsace, sandwich cookies or bredele are part of the unavoidable Advent traditions.

If you like to bake with your family, you've probably made them at least once with your children in December. But have you ever thought of hanging them on your Christmas tree?

These traditional shortbread in various shapes are perfect to hang on the tree.

Just get some Christmas-themed holders like stars, trees, hearts and snowmen to make decorations that are both pretty and edible.

If you plan to hang them in your tree, remember to punch a hole in the top of each shortbread with a wooden pick before baking. This will allow you to slip a small ribbon to tie the cookies to the tree branches.

Feel free to make a glaze on your Christmas shortbread to make it even more decorative.

The plain icing called royal icing is traditionally white. But nothing prevents you from adding a few drops of food coloring to make green trees or red hearts.

You can also easily find colored, silver or gold sugar pearls in stores to sprinkle on your cookies before the icing is completely dry.

To note: generally, shortbread cookies can be stored in an airtight metal box. Once hung in the tree, they will only remain edible for a few days at most. So, hang them on the tree preferably on December 24 in anticipation of Christmas Eve.

3- Treats in transparent balls

The last of our 3 edible decorations ideas for a Christmas tree is to hang candy from the branches of your tree.

If you're wondering how to fit bunting or other candy on the branches of the tree, rest assured! There is a very simple solution to add candy to your decorations.

All you have to do is purchase clear Christmas ornaments into which you can slip absolutely anything you want. Some people use these containers to fill them with glitter, Christmas figurines or other decorations...

But those with a sweet tooth will be happy to tuck in praline rocks in their gold foil, papillotes of all colors or other treats that aren't too likely to melt.

On Christmas Day, at coffee time, you can suggest to your guests that they go directly to the tree to choose the treat that tempts them the most.

To note: to keep with the theme of a 100% edible tree decoration, you can also hang cinnamon sticks and oven-dried orange slices from the branches of your tree. These two natural decorations from the kitchen will look great on the tree, although sweet tooths will of course be less interested...

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Marco Verch
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