Noisy-le-grand: Which Nursing Home To Choose When Dependency Becomes Too Overwhelming?

Remaining at home is no longer recommended when the loss of independence becomes too significant. In such cases, the best solution is to live in a medicalized retirement home. This decision offers undeniable advantages for the elderly. Indeed, this specialized establishment, with its staff composed of an experienced multidisciplinary team, ensures excellent assistance and specialized care. Additionally, with various cultural, artistic, and sporting activities offered, it becomes easier for a senior to build social connections and spend their final days surrounded and stimulated. In the Seine-Saint-Denis department of the Île-de-France region, there is a multitude of facilities with highly variable rates, characteristics, and services, making finding the best retirement home for one's retirement a complicated and difficult task. Discover here the main criteria to consider when choosing the residence that is best suited to your situation in Noisy-le-Grand.

The resident's health status

The health condition of the dependent elderly person is one of the main criteria to monitor when choosing the right nursing home. In Noisy-le-Grand, facilities for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) offer several accommodation options depending on the patient's needs:

- Day care in a nursing home: this option involves welcoming seniors with either psychological or physical dependency during the day (from one to several days per week). They benefit from therapeutic activities and entertainment. This service does not include accommodation or medical care.

- Temporary stay: this type of accommodation allows enjoying the services (care, hotel services, entertainment, activities, laundry, etc.) of the nursing home for a determined period. It is an ideal opportunity for the elderly person to discover life in a medicalized senior residence. It will help them become familiar with the benefits and specificities of this type of accommodation. Lasting from a few weeks up to six months, this solution is also considered to allow home health aides and other health professionals to take a vacation to rest and get a breath of fresh air.

- Permanent stay: long-term rental in a nursing home meets the needs of seniors with loss of autonomy who wish to move into a secure environment that meets their expectations on a lasting basis. They benefit from personalized support and comprehensive, coordinated care that takes into account their health status and degree of dependency.

To facilitate the search for a nursing home in Noisy-le-Grand, Cap Retraite has been assisting families in their efforts for nearly 30 years. With in-depth expertise and knowledge of the best nursing homes in Noisy-le-Grand, a team of advisors supports families in their selection of facilities. Do not hesitate to consult this comparison tool and find a place in a nursing home in Noisy-le-Grand for your loved one.

The available budget

Just like all French cities, in Noisy-le-Grand, nursing homes often come at a high cost. To give a range, one must count on spending between €1,400 and €5,000 per month on average, although this cost varies greatly depending on the services offered and the region in which the facility is located.

Therefore, it is essential to assess the amount of income received by the resident as well as the financial support that their relatives can provide and the state financial aid to determine the type of accommodation they will be able to afford.

The available financial resources are a crucial factor in choosing a long-term care facility for dependent elderly people.

Ease of access

It is important to prioritize a medico-social structure that is easily accessible and close for friends and relatives of the future resident. This allows for regular contact and easy visits.

And when talking about the accessibility of the retirement home, the choice should then take into account:

- the proximity of a train station;
- the presence of major road networks;
- the establishment of shuttles by the facility, etc.

If this criterion is not met, visits from relatives will become less frequent and eventually stop over the years, which will increase the feeling of loneliness and abandonment in the dependent elderly person. Therefore, it is important to involve the elderly person in their choice of facility, to visit the place in person, and to surround yourself with professionals who can guide you in your search.

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