Trotter: The Bulldog Star On Instagram

Lady Gaga has a lot to worry about, because the new star of the web is her: Trotter, an adorable female French bulldog! With her innate swag and her more improbable outfits than the others, this little dog deserves the title of the most stylish doggie on Instagram. We invite you to get to know this mascot who has conquered the internet users.

The new Instagram mascot

Between lolcats and puppies of all kinds, animals are undoubtedly the new stars of the web!

Many of them have their own Instagram account with the help of their owners who take pictures of them on a daily basis.

Among these mascots who make the Internet users crack up, a female bulldog named Trotter stands out with her diva-like looks and her naturalness in front of the lens.

With her disdainful air (typical of bulldogs) and her blinged-out style, this little dog has all the makings of a big star:

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Her lover Sonya Yu, who is a food photographer based in San Francisco in the US, has been having fun staging her in outfits each more outlandish than the last.

And she still can't believe how successful these photos are... The Instagram account @Trotterpup indeed counts 200,000 followers to date and nearly 15,000 likes on her photos!

Her owner says that people recognize her in the street and that restaurant owners run out of their establishments just to give her bacon. A real star in short!

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Trotter has style

The @Trotterpup account has something to melt animal lovers but also fashionistas...

Indeed, Sonya Yu loves to make Trotter pose with hats, heels or even glasses!

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Tutu, beret, fancy dress, high heels or sombero, whatever accessories his mistress dons, the docile French bulldog is a hit.

It must be said that in all circumstances, she plays the models with the greatest professionalism! Her mistress Sonya Yu says: 'Trotter is natural in front of the camera. We have trained her since she was little, so she is really a photogenic dog'

Facing the lens, she's got class, she's got swag:

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A humorous account

As a true web star, Trotter takes great pleasure in adopting the latest trends fashion.

But she is not only interested in fashion. She is also passionate about sports and wears the colors of her country as a true patriot!

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She is of course a baseball fan like many Americans:

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Photos full of tenderness

Even if Trotter doesn't have the perfect measurements of a show dog, it's impossible not to fall in love with his adorable face!

The mischievous bulldog does not hesitate to dress up and pose with his little brother Winter or his sister Evelyn:

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When she has some time left between fashion shoots or family photos, she also likes to party with friends:

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At every opportunity, the @Trotterpup account regales us with funny and tender photos.

By the way, Halloween is coming up and Trotter is already ready ;-)

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Author: Audrey
Copyright image: @Trotterpup
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