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The Upper Rhine Valley: a destination in the heart of Europe

nd train stations, it is easy to get to this valley and even visit all three countries in a very short time, the time of a European road trip or in a single day. Copyright: D.Lett Depending on your preferences, you can organize a shopping, gastronomic or wellness trip thanks to the therm ...


The Victoria Palazzo in Nice: a luxury senior residence

seniors. With its experience in this field, with more than thirty Les Girandières residences, the Réside Études Group wanted to bring together in a single concept high-end services and a location in the heart of cities. As an alternative to home care and nursing homes, this new form of hou ...


30 km/h speed limits: what benefits for cities?

for studies and expertise on risks, the environment and mobility) has provided nuanced answers. Indeed, a recent study by the Cerema has shown that a single car pollutes less at 50 km/h than at 30 km/h. On the other hand, in 30 km/h zones, there is less pollution overall, because overall it i ...


Beauty: how are cosmetics tested?

that are not tested on animals worldwide or that are vegan (i.e., without any animal ingredients, including honey or milk). The label can be for a single product or an entire brand of beauty products. To learn more, we invite you to consult the characteristics of these different labels on thei ...


Garden: 5 good reasons to plant sunflowers

oil, while others are grown as ornamental plants, for their flowers. Thus, you will easily find in garden centers varieties of varying sizes, with single or double colored flowers. It should be noted that not all sunflowers are yellow. There are also orange and red ones, as the color palette o ...


Pink October: 5 misconceptions about breast cancer

The dose received from a full breast exam of both breasts is about 4.7 milligrays. In comparison, a lumbar x-ray is 2-4 times more radiating and a single abdominal scan 13 times more radiating. Moreover, if we add up all the mammograms performed in a lifetime as part of screening, the radiatio ...