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Sleeping in a lighthouse: an unusual accommodation that is on the rise

Lighthouses for rent If you dreamed, as a child, of living like Robinson on an island or of working as a lighthouse keeper overlooking the sea from a height of several dozen meters, you will love the new unusual accommodations that are currently in vogue. Just about everywhere in France and Euro ...


French Riviera: Discovering Cap d'Antibes.

tends the city of Antibes towards the Mediterranean Sea. This remarkable natural site consists of a hill covered with maritime pines and topped by a lighthouse: the Phare de la Garoupe, which overlooks the bay of Juan-les-Pins. This place, popular with swimmers and walkers, is also known for hosti ...


Anglesey: 5 good reasons to visit this island in Wales

e Irish Sea. Walk to Ynys Llanddwyn, a mesmerizingly beautiful peninsula with crosses planted in the dunes, jagged coastlines and a majestic white Lighthouse that sits atop a rock. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dan James Phillips (@danjames.p) 3- To visi ...


The Statue of Liberty: the emblem of New York

ch is 92.9 meters. It weighs over 200 tons! The statue faces east, which means Europe, its home continent. Anecdotes The Statue of Liberty served as a Lighthouse between 1886 and 1902. A Lighthouse keeper had even been assigned to the Statue and its beam of light could be seen from 39 kilometers ...


Astronomy: 5 things to know about pulsars

pulses into space. The interval between two pulses can range from several milliseconds to several seconds. 2- Pulsars turn on themselves like lighthouses It is now known that pulsars shine continuously, but that their radiation is emitted from two opposite points of the star. By rotating ...


Trip to England: 10 places to visit in Cornwall

t. Its history is closely linked to ours, since it was monks from Mont-saint-michel in France who built the church and priory in the 12th century. A Lighthouse was built there much later, in the late 16th century. This beautiful little island is accessible at low tide by a paved road. So to disco ...


The Watershed: an artistic hike in Ardèche

eval relic with subtle plays of reflection. In total, there are 14 remarkable sites to discover along this roaming hike. One of the most iconic is undoubtedly the Lighthouse imagined by the artist Gloria Friedmann. This blue tower over 7 meters tall stands atop the hills like a lighthouse in the mi ...