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Weather: how to interpret the record heat observed in France?

ve normal. As a reminder, seasonal normals are established by Météo France over a 30-year period, i.e. the period between 1981 and 2010. An early drought Also according to the Météo-France report, May 2022 was also characterized by a very significant rain deficit. With 29.3 mm of rainf ...


Garden: 5 good reasons to stop mowing the lawn

1- Tall grasses are more resistant to drought With hot weather becoming more common during the summer, it's a good idea to no longer mow your lawn to conserve moisture and help plants better withstand the drought. Indeed, the shorter a lawn is cut and the more the sun's rays reach the base of th ...


The edible chrysanthemum: an amazing vegetable plant

nd then thin out your seedlings so that the plants are 20 cm apart. Favour a sunny exposure and a rich and well-drained soil. This variety resists drought well and is content with moderate watering. Mulching the soil is recommended to retain moisture in case of drought. How to use it? This cl ...


Forest management: what if France were to take its cue from Portugal?

e heat waves that have followed one another over our country for several weeks. Exceptional climatic conditions combining wind, overwhelming heat and drought favor fire starts everywhere in the country and not only in the south of France anymore. To face a maximum fire risk, the usual prevention ...


The Carob tree: the tree with small horns

or soaked soils but requires good drainage. Watering must be provided during very dry seasons if the tree is grown for its fruit. However, it is very drought resistant, so it can be placed in the sun. Young trees should be planted out of the wind so that their leaves and flowers develop well. The ...


Growing cabbage: what are the different varieties?

abbages, i.e. to bring the soil back to their foot so that they have a better anchorage. They enjoy exposure to full sun, but fear long periods of drought. That's why you'll need to make sure you water them regularly from spring to autumn, so as to keep the soil cool. Growing vegetables from t ...


The griffin foot: a winter flower

careous grounds. It is also very hardy as it is resistant to cold up to -25°C. Even if it prefers fertile and shady woods, this plant tolerates drought and accepts a sun or half-shade exposure. It simply needs well-drained soil. To showcase its blooms, you can plant the griffin plant in a ...


The camerisier or edible honeysuckle: an amazing shrub

utral to slightly acidic. Water it regularly for the first three years while its root system develops. Thereafter, it will be able to withstand some drought. Maintenance is limited to applying compost in March and performing a maintenance pruning if necessary, consisting of cutting off dead or ...


Tomato diseases: symptoms and solutions

, black ass is unique in that it is not linked to a pathogen. This disease is usually caused by irregular watering, that is, alternating phases of drought and very heavy watering. It is characterized by a necrotic black spot that appears on the side opposite the stalk. To avoid this problem ...


Garden: 5 drought-resistant flowering plants

t to climate change. If you don't want to see your flowers die at the first watering restrictions, it's in your best interest to rediscover and adopt drought-tolerant flowering plants. This is especially true of santolin and in particular the Santolina chamaccyparissus variety. Santolin accept ...