Takeru Amano: 5 Things To Know About This Japanese Artist

With his neo pop art style paintings and sculptures, Takeru Amano is one of the phenomena of the contemporary art scene. If you've never heard his name, here are 5 things to know about this internationally renowned Japanese artist.

He is inspired by American pop art.

Takeru Amano is sometimes referred to as a master of neo pop art. Born in Tokyo in 1977, this artist draws part of his inspiration from American pop art.

Although he now lives and works in the Japanese capital, he resided in New York for three years, from 1997 to 2000, to study sculpture and printmaking.

This New York experience has had a lasting influence on his work and has given his style a cosmopolitan dimension.

He comes from a family of artists.

Takeru Amano was immersed in the art world from an early age. His father, Yoshitaka Amano, is another famous Japanese artist. This internationally renowned illustrator is known for his work on the Final Fantasy video game franchise.

Encouraged to explore his talent, Takeru developed his own style over the years, inspired by Japan's ancient history and late 20th-century Japanese culture.

His work is characterized by the mixture of classical subjects—philosophical or mythological—with elements of modern pop art, such as Japanese kawaii. This Japanese artist has become particularly known for his portraits of Venus and landscapes reinterpreted in a very recognizable style.

He uses color and the superflat style.

Between tradition and modernity, Takeru Amano enjoys reinterpreting classic subjects in a decidedly modern style. The artist, who works in series, has notably devoted a series to the depiction of Venus under the title "Urban Venus."

His paintings are recognizable by their bright colors and the use of flat shapes in the superflat graphic style. The term superflat refers to an artistic movement founded by Takashi Murakami.

This movement, influenced by anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture, combines the aesthetics of pop art with the kitsch of kawaii culture.

Her works are characterized by the simplicity of the line.

Takeru Amano's paintings are also distinguished by the simplicity of the line. The Tokyo-based artist places utmost importance on the concept of simplicity and aims to evoke emotion with just a few strokes.

The accuracy of his lines, combined with a touch of humor and a palette of vibrant colors, makes his creations highly recognizable. The artist's universe is one-of-a-kind and has a childlike quality, reminiscent of a cartoon.

An exhibition dedicated to him will take place in Paris in the spring of 2024.

Takeru Amano's work has already been exhibited in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, and London. In spring 2024, this internationally recognized artist will present his works at the Sato Gallery in the 3rd district of Paris.

From April 20 to May 12, 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the colorful world of the Japanese artist for free. They will be able to appreciate the diversity of techniques he employs: wood and bronze sculptures and acrylic paintings on canvas.

This new solo exhibition is titled IMA, a word that means "now" or "the moment" in Japanese. In summary, if you are not familiar with the unique creations of this Japanese painter and sculptor, now is the time to discover them! You can book a visiting slot on the gallery's website (link below).

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Copyright image: Galerie Sato Paris
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