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The Monte-Carlo Television Festival: an unmissable event

l fields. The winner of the Grand Prix International du Documentaire receives the ARMAN trophy, created by this world-renowned sculptor. Silver and bronze medals are also awarded to the second and third prizes. Edition 2022 The 61st Monte Carlo Television Festival takes place from June 17 to 21 ...


What to do in Milan?

third largest church in Christendom. 3500 statues as well as 135 spires adorn the marble structure. With its Baroque and neo-Gothic facade, its five bronze doors each carved by a different artist, it is hardly surprising that it took more than 500 years to complete the construction work. It is a go ...


Beijing 2022 Olympic Games: 5 things to know about the French delegation

women's side, we will be closely following the performances of Julia Simon and Anaïs Bescond. The latter has already won Olympic medals (one gold and two bronze) and will arrive at the competition without pressure. 5- France has its chances in ice dancing While the days of France's Surya Bonal ...


Alassio in Italy: 3 good reasons to choose this destination

usually meet there on Valentine's Day! During this walk, you can linger especially in front of the mosaic depicting the lovers of Peynet and in front of the bronze statue of a young couple signed by the sculptor Eros Pellini. Copyright: Sœurettes06 Today, these two lovers are arguab ...


Taiwan : Discover the Beautiful Island differently

o visit include the Buddha Museum (dedicated to the life of Buddha and his disciples, with a sacred relic, a Buddha's tooth), the 8 Pagoda Alley, the bronze statue of Seated Buddha (the largest in the world), the Sutra Repository, 3 large statues, the Golden Buddha Building, many Buddha statues, the ...


Tourism: 5 royal visits to London.

• Italian gardens created at the request of Prince Albert as a gift for Queen Victoria • a Dutch garden with flower beds full of tulips • a bronze statue of Peter Pan. 5- Fortnum & Mason translates to "5- Fortnum & Mason" in English. To end these 5 royal visits to London in style, wh ...


How to take care of a tradescantia or wandering jew?

ters, with light green leaves and purple undersides. These two species come in multiple varieties, with leaves in various colors: green, pink, cream, bronze, silver, or striped with yellow. Lastly, there is Tradescantia pallida, sometimes called "purple heart" for its violet foliage. In this plant ...


How to germinate a lychee seed?

ix and keep it always moist, especially at the beginning. The first leaves should appear on your lychee 4 weeks after planting. Note: the leaves are bronze to red when they first appear, then gradually turn green. This color change is completely normal. Step No. 4: Maintaining a potted lychee. The ...