The Night Of The Museums: A Great Festive Event

The Night of the Museums is an annual event that invites all European night owls to discover or rediscover the heritage of museums. It is an appointment not to be missed to take advantage of the exceptional opening of the European museums in the evening.

A European celebration

The Night of the Museums is a festive and convivial event that takes place simultaneously in all the signatory countries of the European Cultural Convention.

From Warsaw or Bucharest to Lisbon in Portugal, all European museums, large and small, are invited to participate in this annual event.

For the first time in 2009, UNESCO has granted its patronage to this event initially created by France.

Museums open to all

The Night of the Museums has been organized since 2005 in order to attract a new public, younger and more nocturnal, to the museums.

This event, which begins at sunset (around 6:00 p.m.) and ends at midnight or later, aims to raise awareness of the richness of our heritage among the general public.

It therefore takes place in a festive and friendly spirit with many animations (illuminations and light games, dance shows and concerts ...) and free admission.

Edition 2023

The 19th annual Night of the Museums will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

This year again, more than 3,000 museums throughout Europe will simultaneously open their doors to offer you a free visit.

On this occasion, the museums near you will have surprises in store for you in a nocturnal and intimate atmosphere: an opportunity to discover the collections in a different way...

You will find the program of the animations in the different French cities on the official website below.

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