The Most Beautiful Trips In Europe

The old continent is a privileged land that has monopolized human history for at least 3000 years. The splendor of the Greek culture and its profusion in all directions made that the neuralgic center of the human history moved from Egypt and the coast of Asia Minor to Europe. Since then, its importance has not ceased to grow, further increased by the unification that the expansion of the Roman Empire supposed. And if it is true that Europe has known moments of darkness, it has always risen from its ashes and has managed to create a social and cultural background that not all continents can boast.


The greatness of Europe is perfectly visible in all its beauty. All the countries that make it up, without exception, have at least one city that deserves to be visited once in a lifetime. Culture, art, architecture and human artifice can be breathed in all European capitals and in some other cities that have great importance in the history of the continent. In addition to the urban environments, European nature also contains priceless gems. It is no wonder that Europe remains the favorite destination of Europeans and other tourists from around the world.

For those who wish to take a beautiful trip to the cradle of Western culture, Cheri pack your bags to discover the most beautiful countries of our continent.


Spain has been one of the most decisive countries in the history of Europe and the world. The arrival of its explorers in the New World opened a new stage for humanity that has developed successfully over time. But apart from this fact, Spain has managed to record its history in every corner of the country. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada... All these cities are cities where any tourist from any nation could marvel at the beauty and richness of their monuments. For lovers of beaches, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. For mountain lovers, the Picos de Europa. For those who want to see the desert, Almeria. For those who want to see snow, Sierra Nevada or the Pyrenees. For forest lovers, Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia. For the finest palates, the Basque Country.

As the Spanish poets used to say, Spain is a piece of Heaven on Earth.


Between green hills and stones that tell the story of a glorious past, Italy attracts the traveler with a unique charm that we will not find in any other country. From the north of the country to the heel of the boot, the Italian peninsula is one of those places where the destination is equal, because all offer beauty, culture, art, music, gastronomy and hospitality. The canals of Venice, the splendor of Milan, the Renaissance splendor of Florence, the romance of the Eternal City, the spontaneity of Naples, the nostalgia of the Amalfi Coast, the chaos of Sicily... All the experiences that a person would like to live in life can be found in Italy with real ease.

And if we are saturated with walks and monuments, we can always sit on one of the many terraces in its streets and satiate ourselves with some of the delights of its exquisite gastronomy. Although pasta and pizza are the dishes most exported to the rest of the world, it is worthwhile to explore the wide variety of products that Italy has.


France is a country that has the capacity to conquer all the tourists that cross its borders. France's history is one of the most interesting in the world and its landscapes, both urban and natural, are a true reflection of the evolution of this nation since ancient times. Moreover, not every country can boast that its capital is the most visited city in the world. Can anyone resist the intoxicating charm of Paris? It is not even necessary to visit the most famous monuments; it is enough to discover the corners of the city where the Parisian bohemia and idiosyncrasy can be palpable.

But in addition to Paris, France has a number of wonderful cities like Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux or Strasbourg where you can discover all the facets that define the French spirit. And of course, we can't leave without enjoying the French cuisine and its wines. We must not forget that France is one of the leading centers of world cuisine.

If we want a good dose of beach, the resorts of the French Riviera are our destination. If Christmas is our favorite time of year, Alsace and its Christmas atmosphere will captivate us from the first moment. If snow sports are our passion, the Pyrenees and the Orres await us with open arms. If the mountains are our favorite environment, La Provence offers us its own.

It is certainly impossible to say that Europe has incredible destinations that no one should miss. Although we have chosen these three countries, Greece, Germany or England are also wonderful places where we can find a very attractive tourist offer. All Europe is a jeweler with priceless pearls.

Author: Loïc
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