Düsseldorf: An Arty Destination

Did you know that the city of Düsseldorf in Germany is a nerve center for art and music? Between museums, art galleries, electro music and street art, this agglomeration located on the Rhine river has something to delight all art and culture lovers. We suggest you discover the different facets of this arty destination.

The cradle of electro music

Berlin is today an unavoidable capital of electronic music. Yet it was in Düsseldorf that it all began.

It was in this city in the heart of post-war industrial Germany that the mythical band Kraftwerk ('power plant') considered the founder of electro music was born in 1970.

Until May 15, 2022, the Kunstpalast is hosting an exhibition on the theme of electronic music, entitled 'Electro: from Kraftwerk to techno'.

Through more than 500 objects, some of which are interactive, this exhibition presents the different genres grouped under the term electronic music.

It highlights the Düsseldorf Sound, a style of electronic music that developed in Germany in the early 1970s, slightly before the Berlin School.

A city where music is king

Even today, music is still important in this Rhineland city and a lively music scene can be found here at any time.

After Hamburg and Berlin, it is in the Düsseldorf studios that many international albums are recorded.

A must-see for music lovers, the city offers a pop walk, the Pop Trail.

This route of about 3 hours allows you to discover mythical places, while listening to legendary tracks by Kraftwerk and Reingold.

A destination that combines art and culture

Düsseldorf is the perfect destination to combine art, culture, relaxation and new discoveries.

Less than 4 hours from Paris, this cosmopolitan and arty city is Germany's best kept secret.

Art venues and museums are concentrated in a small area that can be visited on foot.

With the Art: walk48 ticket, you'll have access to all the collections, permanent and special exhibitions in 6 renowned art museums in the city center.

This 48-hour ticket costs €25 (see link below).

A street art spot

Among the other surprises that the city of Düsseldorf has in store, we should also mention the numerous works of street art.

The tourist office offers a Urban Art Tour in English or German. This 2-hour guided tour offers a route of about 3 km.

You will learn that street art as we know it today with large murals, collages and stickers started in the 2010s in Düsseldorf.

Today, street art can be seen in an underpass near the train station, the Ellerstrasse tunnel, but also in the Friedrichstadt and Flingern districts.

The Flingern district is one of the liveliest in the city and is a real open-air art gallery. There are many independent galleries and unusual stores where local artists sell their work.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: 652234 on Pixabay
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More informations: https://www.duesseldorf-tourismus.de/en/book/art-walk48-ticket
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