Valentine's Day: 5 Original Gift Ideas With A Floral Theme

At the beginning of February, you may be looking for an original gift idea for the lovers' day. To change a little from the traditional bouquet of red roses brandished every February 14th, we have listed for you 5 original gift ideas on the theme of flowers.

1- A bouquet of candy

If the one you love has a sweet tooth, you won't have to look far to give her a bouquet to her liking! Less cliché than the red rose bouquet, the candy bouquet is the first of our 5 original flower-themed gift ideas.

This type of bouquet, which is easily found online, usually consists of treats and/or chocolates.

Therefore, it makes a great Valentine's Day gift idea for a man or a woman and is unmatched in winning the heart of a foodie! Think about it if you want to express your feelings with sweetness(es)!

2- A jewel with a floral pattern

You hesitate between a jewel and a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day? Why not reconcile these two ideas by offering a piece of jewelry with a floral motif?

If your sweetheart already owns a Pandora bracelet or a model in the same style, it will be easy to please her by completing her collection of charms. There are all kinds of flower-shaped charms and you don't have too many chances to go wrong if you know her favorite color...

If your Valentine doesn't have this type of bracelet or if you have a more limited budget, simply choose a flower-shaped costume jewelry. There are some for every budget.

Floral patterned jewelry is the second of our 5 original flower themed gift ideas as they are generally appreciated.

They are also a good solution to spoil your Valentine with a gift that is more durable than a bouquet of flowers that will wilt in just a few days. By opting for a piece of jewelry, you are giving her a flower that is as eternal as your love. What could be more romantic?

3- Socks in the shape of a rose

If you're looking for an original, fun and affordable Valentine's Day gift idea on a budget, go for a pair of pink socks!

I'm not talking about the color of the socks here, but the form in which they are presented. This is a pair of unisex red socks wrapped in a gift box in the shape of a rosebud

Among the 5 original gift ideas on the theme of flowers, this is one of the cheapest. This product is sold online as Rose Socks for about €12 not including shipping, which comes to you for less than €16 in total.

4- A flowery hull

If your Valentine is the kind of person who is addicted to her smartphone, why not give her a flower patterned phone shell? This is another one of our 5 original flower-themed gift ideas because the phone cover is a gift that is in style and you can never have enough of them.

This Valentine's Day gift has the advantage of being feminine, romantic and inexpensive. On the Etsy website, you can even find iPhone or other branded smartphone shells decorated with real dried flowers (at about 20€).

5- Floral lace lingerie

Finally, if you're looking for a slightly naughtier gift to spice up your sweetheart's day, the last of our 5 original flower-themed gift ideas is to give your Valentine floral lace lingerie.

Warning: this gift will only be a success if you know your lover well, her taste in lingerie and her size!

To limit the risk of error regarding the size of the lingerie, it is more prudent to opt for a bodysuit. You'll find some in lace with flower patterns from 45 € at Etam for example.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: George Sistonen on Pexels
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