Halloween: 3 Good Reasons To Choose Your Family Costume

Every year, October 31st is the occasion for young and old to dress up and create a scary and/or spectacular look. But have you ever thought about choosing a family costume theme and embodying a group of characters? From The Incredibles to The Addams Family, there's no shortage of family costume ideas! We have selected for you 3 good reasons to choose a family costume.

1- Dressing up as a family is more fun

The first good reason to choose your family costume is of course to make Halloween even more fun. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

Celebrating October 31 with your kids, siblings or cousins is a great way to make this costume party even more fun and crazy.

Plus, since young kids love to dress up, they'll get really into it. Before the party even starts, choosing and creating the costumes will be a great way to strengthen family bonds.

2- A group costume is more spectacular

The second good reason to choose your family Halloween costume is to get an even more spectacular result.

If you're going on a trick-or-treating trip with your kids and knocking on your neighbors' doors to ask for treats, you're sure to make a small impact if you arrive in a group costume.

Embodying a family like the Incredibles or a gang like the Scooby Doo characters is much stronger visually than putting together a disparate group of, say, a princess, a witch, and a superhero.

When it comes to costumes, too, there is strength in numbers. When you're part of a matching group, the theme of the costume is much more recognizable and the resulting effect is much more impactful.

By choosing a family costume, we bet you that you won't go unnoticed! Everywhere you go, with all your children dressed up in the same theme, right down to the youngest, you're going to cause a stir and provoke amazement and laughter.

3- Family disguises offer countless possibilities

If the above arguments have made you want to choose your family costume, you should know that there are countless family costume options for Halloween.

Even though October 31 is fast approaching, you don't have to worry about running out of ideas!

Online stores specializing in costumes and party accessories are actually offering more and more family costumes.

We have selected the following group costume ideas for you:
- The zombie family
- The skeleton family
- The Incredibles
- The Addams Family
- The Flintstones
- The Dalton Family
- The Star Wars Family
- The Avengers
- Monsters & Co.
- Halloween in Wonderland
- Halloween at Hogwarts, the wizarding school of the Harry Potter saga!

This last theme, very popular at the moment, is suitable for people of all ages.

Indeed, even grandparents can participate by playing Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, while the youngest can dress up as Harry, Hermione and Ron but also as Dobby or Luna with her funny glasses called lorgnospectres!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Plain Adventure on Flickr
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