End Of The Red Stamp : What Is It Replaced By ?

January 1, 2023 is marked by many changes at the Post Office, with the end of the famous red stamp. To frank a priority letter, it is now necessary to use the red e-stamp service through his smartphone or computer. Explanations.

What changes for priority mail in 2023?

Until now, to put postage on an urgent piece of mail and ensure that it was delivered the next day, all you had to do was use the red Post Office stamp.

This more expensive stamp, reserved for priority mailings, is no longer marketed from January 1, 2023: the end of a symbol for users who must now make their priority mailings in dematerialized form!

This change announced by La Poste since July 2022 will undoubtedly confuse for a while the habits of users. However, the group justifies this switch to digital by ecological reasons. It has decided to put an end to its famous 'red stamp' in order to adapt to the new uses of consumers and to reduce the carbon footprint of priority mailings.

What is it replaced with?

With the abolition of the red stamp, users will have to adapt. As of January 1, 2023, this stamp will be replaced by a dematerialized equivalent.

To frank a priority mail, it is now necessary to use their computer or smartphone and use the e-red stamp service on the laposte.fr website.

As this change may embarrass people who are not well versed in digital technology and digital tools, however, La Poste has provided an alternative solution.

People who are not internet-savvy will still be able to send a red letter from a post office, using an automat or asking an advisor to scan their mail.

Are the old red stamps still valid?

If you have any red stamps left in your home, be aware that you can use them even after the January 1, 2023 date.

These stamps are still valid, but the mail you stamp with them is delivered within 3 days under new terms.

To put it another way, the old red stamp no longer guarantees you next-day delivery.

How to send a priority letter?

Now, if you want to send a priority letter for the next day, you have until 8pm to complete the steps online.

In practice you must:
- scan the content of your priority mail
- send it on the laposte.fr website before 8 pm
- pay the price of the new red e-stamp service, i.e. €1.49 as of January 1, 2023, with the cost of the envelope and paper included.

Your mail will be printed by La Poste close to the addressee while respecting the confidentiality of the content. This letter will then be delivered the next day under an envelope with a red stamp design.

If you are not digitally literate, visit a post office for on-site assistance.

To learn more about this new service, please visit the La Poste website (link below).

What else is new for 2023?

Along with the end of the red stamp, La Poste has announced the creation of a new feature: the turquoise Services Plus letter.

This letter delivered 2 days after sending allows you to send documents but also small objects up to 2 kg with tracking.

The price of the sending varies according to the weight from 2,95 €. You can follow the progress of its delivery because you receive tracking notifications throughout the journey of your mail.

Finally, if you want to send a registered letter, you should know that the price increases on January 1, 2023. It is 4,83 € against 4,55 € in 2022, with a delivery 3 days after the sending.

Parcel rates are also increasing, by an average of 2.4% from January 1. Only the first tranche of Colissimo shipments (for a parcel weighing less than 250g) remains stable at 4.95 €.

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More informations: https://www.laposte.fr/envoyer/envoyer-courrier-urgent
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