International Forest Day: A Week Of Free Activities

March 21 has been proclaimed by the UN as International Forest Day. On this occasion, many activities are offered free of charge throughout France by the association Teragir, the National Forestry Office and many partners.

Why celebrate forests?

Following the International Year of Forests in 2011, the United Nations decided to establish a day to celebrate forests.

The date of March 21 was proclaimed International Day of Forests to value, celebrate and protect forest ecosystems.

Forests are well deserving of a day of awareness around the world, as they provide us with many services, ecologically as well as economically and socially.

They are an indispensable resource for sustainable development: they are carbon sinks, sources of well-being and development levers for green growth.

What is this international day?

International Forest Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of sustainable development and forests among children and the general public.

On this day, events celebrating and highlighting forests are held around the world.

In France, this event is organized by the Teragir association in partnership with the National Forestry Office, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of National Education and many other partners.

This celebration of forests consists of two components:

- The educational component named The Forest Invited to School is designed for school and extracurricular audiences. Developed since 2016 in schools, middle schools and high schools, it runs throughout the school year. Participating schools benefit from educational booklets, tree seedlings and half-day animations by foresters.

- The event component celebrates March 21 with numerous workshops and activities organized not only on the day itself, but also throughout the week around this date.

The event component mobilizes many actors such as associations, local communities, public institutions, professionals in the forestry-wood industry as well as forest owners and individuals.

What is the program for the 2022 edition?

This year, International Day of Forests is celebrated from March 18 to 27, 2022.

During this week, hundreds of completely free activities will be offered throughout metropolitan and overseas France.

The goal is to raise awareness among the general public and to help them rediscover trees and forests through friendly and educational activities.

The National Forestry Commission invites you to celebrate this international day through more than 100 free activities organized in forests and at the Climate Academy in Paris.

Treasure hunts, hikes, botanical initiations, storytelling walks, conferences and artistic encounters will be on the program for this week placed under the sign of trees and wood.

To find out more about the activities proposed near you, we invite you to consult the program of the International Day of Forests on the official website below.

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