Crafts: The Government Launches A National Strategy.

In order to preserve the excellence and diversity of French know-how and promote their transmission to future generations, the government has implemented a national strategy in favor of arts and crafts. We invite you to discover the content of this plan, jointly carried by the Ministries of Culture and Economy.

What are the crafts professions?

The national strategy in favor of crafts, entitled "Crafts of the Hand, Crafts of the Future," concerns artisanal professions that require highly technical traditional know-how.

These are excellent professions in various fields, such as:
• Cabinetmaker
• Stonemason
• Carpenter
• Ceramist
• Diamond cutter

These exceptional professions are intimately linked to the history and geography of our country, with some know-how traditionally associated with regions such as Limoges porcelain and Lorraine crystal.

In France, 281 crafts are officially recognized. To learn more about these artisanal professions, we invite you to visit the Ministry of Economy's website (link below).

What is the weight of this sector in the French economy?

Although crafts are a matter of tradition and transmission of ancestral know-how, they are also future-oriented professions. These professions play an essential role in the French economy since they represent over 60,000 businesses and 150,000 professionals. In 2019, they generated a combined turnover estimated at 19 billion euros, of which 8 billion were from exports.

This sector, reflecting the diversity of French know-how, constitutes a living heritage to be preserved as well as a source of dynamism and creativity for the French economy.

Why launch a new national strategy?

The government has decided to launch a national strategy in favor of craft trades in order to preserve these valuable skills and promote them. Despite its importance in our economy, the craft sector lacks structure, which hinders its visibility and recognition at the national and international levels. To provide better structure and greater visibility, the government has decided to support craft trades through a series of concrete measures. The objective is to conclude a strategic sector contract by 2025, which will give this sector the capacity to structure itself and allow for a coherent economic and cultural policy.

What are the main axes of this plan?

The national strategy in favor of crafts revolves around 5 main axes:

1- Promoting these professions to young people
2- Training and transmitting excellence
3- Anchoring these professions at the heart of territories
4- Supporting research, innovation and creation
5- Developing these professions internationally

In practice, measures will be taken to raise awareness among younger generations about these professions and to encourage vocations, with discovery paths from primary school and internships in 3rd grade.

The offer of continuing education will be strengthened and a CFA (apprenticeship training center) will be created in national factories.

As part of France 2030, the government also aims to create territorial hubs focused on crafts, design and fashion and to achieve 2500 companies carrying the EPV (Living Heritage Enterprise) label by 2025.

The national strategy aims to facilitate access to innovation aid and to facilitate exchanges between French and foreign craftsmen as well as the internationalization of French companies.

On the occasion of the Osaka 2025 Universal Exhibition, EPV-labeled companies will be showcased in the French pavilion, whose theme will be "Audacity and Know-How".

What are the means invested?

To implement this national strategy in favor of crafts, the government has planned to dedicate a budget of 340 million euros over the period 2023-2025. The implementation of these measures will rely on national manufacturers and organizations such as the National Institute of Crafts, Chambers of Crafts and Artisanry, BPIFrance, and the Heritage Foundation.

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