Clothing And Footwear: How Does The Textile Repair Bonus Work?

Following the doubling of the repair bonus for electrical appliances, the government launched the textile repair bonus for clothing and footwear on November 7, 2023. We will explain how this scheme works, which aims to encourage consumers to get items repaired instead of throwing them away.

What does the textile repair bonus consist of?

The Textile Repair Bonus is a discount that consumers can take advantage of if they choose to have their clothing or shoes repaired instead of throwing them away.

The purpose of this measure is, of course, to make our goods last longer for ecological reasons. The French throw away 700,000 tons of clothing per year. Conversely, repairing items at a cobbler or tailor is part of a sustainable development approach because it avoids producing more waste and consuming more resources.

To benefit from this discount, the following conditions must be met:
• go to a Refashion certified repairer.
• bring in shoes or clothing eligible for this scheme.
• carry out a repair costing a minimum of 12 €.

2- Which clothing items are eligible for the repair bonus?

The textile repair bonus applies to all shoes and clothing, except for:
• lingerie;
• underwear;
• leather clothing;
• genuine fur clothing.

In summary, you can take advantage of this financial incentive to repair almost all your clothing. Leather garments are not eligible, but leather shoes are.

What is the amount of this bonus?

The amount of the textile repair bonus depends on the type of repair.

In the category of shoes, the discount is:
• 7 € for a heel tip replacement (the piece of leather or rubber placed under the heel).
• 8 € for adding a sole protector.
• 8 € for a sewing or gluing operation of the sole.
• 10 € for the replacement of a small zipper.
• 14 € for the replacement of a large zipper.
• 18 € for a resoling operation with a rubber sole.
• 25 € for a resoling operation with a leather sole.

In the category of clothing, the discount is:
• 6 € to repair an undone unlined seam.
• 8 € to repair an undone lined seam.
• 7 € for the repair of a hole, snag, or tear.
• 8 € for the replacement of a small zipper.
• 15 € for the replacement of a large zipper.
• 10 € for the replacement of a simple lining.
• 25 € for the replacement of a complex lining.

Note: in the case of a complex repair, these different bonuses are cumulative, up to 60% of the overall price of the repair.

What are the steps to be taken?

Just like the repair bonus for household appliances, the consumer has no steps to take to benefit from this discount.

Simply visit a cobbler or a tailor certified by Refashion for the textile repair bonus to be applied at the time of payment. This discount must also be clearly shown on the invoice.

The consumer doesn't have to do anything. It is up to the repairer to take steps with the Refashion Repair Fund to be reimbursed for the amount of the discount.

This scheme is funded through ecotaxes paid by textile brands, household linen, and footwear as part of the AGEC law (anti-waste law for a circular economy) and the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

How to find a certified Refashion repair service?

To take advantage of the textile repair bonus, you must go to a Refashion certified repair shop. Unfortunately, not all cobblers and tailors in France are participating in this operation at the moment.

In order to find an authorized repairer near you, you should consult the official website (see the link below). There you will find an interactive map of participating craftsmen.

Authorized professionals also display this label on their shop, so keep an eye out!

Author: Audrey
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