How To Create A Custom 2023 Calendar?

When the end of the year approaches, it's time to offer your loved ones unique photo calendars. Personalized calendars are always a great gift. Don't know how to create a photo calendar? Read our tutorial below! We'll show you how to create a 2023 personalized calendar.

Select your best photos

The first step to create a custom photo calendar is to choose the images you want to be included in this custom template.

Certain technical or aesthetic criteria can help you sort through many shots. As much as possible, favor images that are recent, sharp, have good light, express emotion or tell a story.

For a more coherent result, it is recommended to choose a theme that will serve as a common thread over the 12 months of the year. If you're going to give this calendar to your loved ones, focus on memory photos and family portraits! Your gift will be all the more personal and is sure to hit the mark.

You can also choose as a theme:

  • children's portraits of the family to please grandparents

  • couple photos to make a gift for your lover

  • holiday memories to always have them in front of you once the calendar is hung on the wall.

Make a selection from your most beautiful shots and especially make sure to use high resolution photos. If you opt for a calendar template containing 12 pages, you will logically need 12 high-resolution photos + 1 for the cover.

Choose a model

On sites that specialize in photo prints and personalized items, you'll be spoiled for choice between many different photo calendar designs.

So the second step in creating a 2023 custom calendar is to choose the format and appearance of your future calendar. To select the right template, imagine your future creation in your home or in the home of the person you plan to give it to.

Depending on how you plan to use it, you can opt for a large calendar to hang on the wall (A4 or A3 size wall calendar), for a smaller calendar to put on your desk or even for a pocket calendar!

Insert your photos

On specialized sites, the creation software is rather intuitive and easy to use. Once you've chosen your favorite calendar template, all you have to do is insert your personal photos into it by adjusting the size of the images with the built-in cropping tool.

It is possible to use a photo as the main illustration but also as a background or a reminder in a grid cell to mark an important event or date like a birthday.

One of the main advantages of custom calendars is the ability to customize the shape of the grid and customize the content. When creating a 2023 custom calendar, don't forget to include not only holidays but also birthdays to remember and important dates.

Use the customization tools

The next step is to customize your calendar with the many options offered by the authoring software.

In particular, you have the possibility to:

  • change colors

  • use frames or masks around your photos

  • play with the brightness and contrast settings to enhance your images.

The layout possibilities are almost endless, so feel free to make several attempts and have fun! Once you've created the 2023 custom calendar of your dreams, don't forget to save your creation.

How about an advent calendar?

You may not know it, but it is now possible to create Advent calendars from your personal photos.

If you want to please young and old foodies, choose a model with chocolates inside. There are also models with other surprises or pictures to discover each day.

To create a personalized 2022 advent calendar, simply choose 25 photos. Your favorite photo will be the main illustration on the front of the calendar, and the other 24 photos will hide behind the windows to be opened from December 1 to 24. Waiting for Christmas has never been so much fun!

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