Escale à Sète: A Great Celebration Of Maritime Traditions

A unique gathering in the Mediterranean, Escale à Sète is the meeting place for all sea lovers! Every two years, the largest sailing ships in the world call at this port of Herault, in a festive and authentic atmosphere. Come and admire these majestic old ships and climb aboard...

A unique meeting

Escale à Sète is a gathering of old riggings unique in the Mediterranean.

This biennial event puts the maritime world and its traditions in the spotlight.

The arrival of these majestic sailboats serves as a pretext for beautiful strolls and joyful animations, both on the water and on land.

Edition 2024

This year, Escale à Sète is held from March 26 to April 1, 2024.

Come and join the party: all the activities (parades, concerts, conferences, children's games, tastings...) are free!

Only the access to the three largest ships, among the 150 or so old rigs gathered in the port of Sète, is paying.

Practical information

This edition of Escale à Sète takes place from March 26 to April 1, 2024.

22, Quai d'Alger
34200 Sète

Tel : 04 30 17 42 09

Most of the animations are free.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Kruzenshtern au large de Sète
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More informations:
In French: Escale à Sète : une grande fête des traditions maritimes
En español: Escale à Sète: una gran fiesta de las tradiciones marítimas
In italiano: Escale à Sète: una grande festa delle tradizioni marittime
Auf Deutsch: Escale à Sète: ein großes Fest der maritimen Traditionen
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