Photography At All Costs: The Best Photographers Of The Year Exhibited At The Bnf

With the exhibition La photographie à tout prix, the BNF retraces a year of photographic prizes through the images of the winners. We invite you to discover this free exhibition which offers a summary of the best photographs of the year 2021.

A year of photographic awards

For the exhibition La photographie à tout prix, the Bibliothèque nationale de France offered the winners of the 2021 photography awards the opportunity to present their latest work to the public.

The BNF is indeed a partner of two prestigious awards in the field of photography: the Niépce prize and the Nadar prize, both of which have existed since 1955.

In addition, it has been associated with the Bourse du Talent since 2006 and with the brand new Florence and Damien Bachelot Collection Photographic Print Prize since 2020.

Carefully selected images

The winners of the photographic awards during 2021 have had their prints soon selected for this exhibition.

The choice was made not only by the curators of the Photography at Any Price exhibition, but also by the International College of Photography, the Gens d'images association and the Picto Foundation.

Photographers to (re)discover

This year, Grégoire Eloy received the Niépce - Gens d'images Prize, which rewards the work of an already confirmed photographer under 50 years old.

At 40 years old, Grégoire Eloy has been working for 18 years in documentary photography. He has travelled all over the world and has already won the Bourse du Talent Reportage in 2004.

As part of the exhibition La photographie à tout prix, you can also discover the work of Deanna Dikeman.

This American photographer won the Nadar Prize 2021 which rewards a book dedicated to old or contemporary photography.

Deanna Dikeman was awarded for her series Leaving and Waving published by Chose commune.

This book gathers very personal images of the artist since she photographed her parents at the moment of saying goodbye to them... for 27 years.

The print prize was awarded to Guillaume Geneste and Bernard Plossu in the photographer/shooter duo category and to Guillaume Zuili in the photographer category.

Finally, you can admire the images of the three winners of the 2021 Talent Grant:
- Aurélie Scouarnec for the series Anamnesis and Ferae
- Yann Datessen for his series A. R.
- Gabriel Dia for the two series Fragments and Sabar.

Practical information

The exhibition Photography at Any Price is held at the BNF from November 23, 2021 to February 20, 2022.

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